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Revel Blog | Revel | June 18, 2014 |

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My Week At Revel

“It’s not work if you’re having fun doing it.”
An inside experience of working at Revel.

This motto holds true for working life at Revel. Now I’m not saying that we goof off and joke all the time--Revel has some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen in my life, but they know how to perfectly balance work and fun, leading to a more relaxed workplace and more ideas generated.

With no set hours at Revel, employees are given the freedom and opportunity to work according to their individual style. While busy at work, Revel employees can take advantage of the fully stocked kitchen and the catered lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Other perks include health benefits, unlimited paid time off, and a monthly gym reimbursement.

The open office makes for a unique work experience since it allows you to see all of the departments and easily communicate with each other. In passing by you can see what a co-worker is working on and this gives employees opportunities to learn about different departments. Employees will be more knowledgeable about the company since they can see it through the eyes of several departments and not just their own. This leads to more interaction between employees and spontaneous collaboration.

Revel really prides itself on teamwork and achieving a greater product together. There is a focus on attempting the impossible and succeeding at it. At Revel, no idea is ever too ambitious or too abnormal. Every new idea and challenge is welcomed with open arms with the hope of creating something that has never been done before. This is the beauty of a startup.

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