5 Ways a Kitchen Display System Leads to Business Success

Revel Blog | Revel | March 10, 2014 |

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The workplace is becoming more efficient.

Originally KDS was a basic system:  paper tickets were placed in a row for the kitchen staff to see, and completed orders were skewered on a spindle. This low-tech method may have been effective enough, but now there are ways to increase kitchen efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As technology becomes an essential tool in both our professional and personal lives, how we accomplish tasks is getting easier.

One such tool for restaurants is a Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) that aims to increase kitchen efficiency, productivity and food quality.

The dawn of the “smart” kitchen is upon us: Here are the top 5 ways KDS can be used for overall business success.

  1. Improving orders – Using a KDS, orders get sent to the kitchen automatically from servers along with any special requests. There is no need to wait for the paper trail. This reduces confusion in the kitchen and eliminates the need to print multiple paper records.
  2. Tracking changes – The ability to use color schemes in the KDS also helps improve communication and food preparation processes. So if a change or a cancellation occurs, the system can immediately provide these updates or insert new items into the order. Finished items are sent to the expeditor with just a tap of the finger by the chef when the item is done.
  3. Speed of Service – Employing a KDS in your kitchen means being able to track how food is delivered and expedited to tables as well. KDS allows for your POS to tell exactly how long each station is taking to get items done, how long each menu item is taking, how many times any station has hit alert levels and where the bottlenecks area.
  4. Food quality – In a KDS, orders are timed so that items with different prep times can be synchronized to be completed by the stations at the same time. This does a great deal to provide product quality and decreasing ticket times. A survey of food quality at a major chain that installed a KDS found that complaints went down some 70 percent after the system was installed.
  5. Wireless – Cutting the cord of the paper trail means that the clutter in a busy kitchen is eliminated and with limited need for maintenance KDS improves productivity through the restaurant.

With Revel Systems’ iPad POS Kitchen Display System you get all of these benefits that help your restaurant increase its bottom line, as well as improve your business practices. Revel’s KDS is easy to use, will maximize efficiency and help to keep all the orders coming in on a timely manner, thereby promoting a better dining experience.

The dawn of the “smart” kitchen is here, and Revel has the tools to get you there.