5 Reasons Why Santa Should be Using Revel

The holidays are upon us, and everyone is making their lists and checking them twice. This includes one of the most famous holiday list-makers of them all:  Santa Claus. While some of you may scoff, we at Revel believe that Santa could stand to benefit from Revel’s point of sale, and have come up with our own list to prove this point.

Here are 5 ways Revel can help Santa stay organized this holiday season:

  1. Delivery management:  Revel’s delivery management console will allow Santa to keep track of all his orders out for delivery--including where they are, and when they’ll arrive. This will help ensure everyone on the list--naughty as well as nice--receive their stocking stuffers in time for Christmas.

  2. CRM:  An integrated Customer Relationship Management system will allow Santa to keep track of who’s naughty, and who’s nice, without having to check his list multiple times.

  3. Inventory management:  Santa can keep track of what items he has in stock, and keep up to date on items that go out. Revel will automatically alert him when he’s running low on candy canes by sending real-time alerts.

  4. Purchase order generation:  In case Santa is running low on something, he can generate purchase orders directly from the Revel POS. These POs can then be sent directly to the vendors (aka elves) in order to meet demand in time for Christmas.

  5. Gift cards:  Santa can generate gift cards directly from the point of sale for the finicky people on his list. These cards can be tracked from the Revel POS, and have zero transactions or swipe fees, ensuring there’s something for everyone this holiday season.