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Revel Blog | Revel | December 10, 2013 |

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Movie theater owners have a lot on their plate on any given day--implementing a robust Movie POS solution can help with some of the heavy lifting.

Movie theaters have a host of specialized needs when it comes to keeping track of things and managing the day-to-day operations – varying ticket prices, length of films, multiple locations, different types of sales through multiple terminals or registers. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of concessions, which are also all tracked. This becomes even more of a chore during the busy winter and summer months as customers yearn for “one ring to rule them all” with next Hobbit movie, or want to “stay classy” with the upcoming Anchorman sequel.

As theaters have become more technologically inclined in their presentation of films – from 3-D, to advanced sound, to all-digital film, to digital distribution – theaters are also turning to technology in order to help in the day-to-day operations in the realm of point of sale systems. But what exactly are cinema owners using POS systems for and what features are especially beneficial to their business?

Movie theaters are utilizing POS systems to handle a number of tasks in their business including:

  1. Speed up transactions to keep the lines moving.
  2. Sell tickets, concessions, merchandise and more all in the same transaction
  3. Integrating and expediting card-based transactions.
  4. Inventory management
  5. Intelligent reporting of sales, employees, inventory, cash and more.

The latter two are especially important.

Intelligent reporting is essential to a movie theater that wants to know about the industry trends happening in their establishment and how they can go about making changes to ensure profitability and productivity. The strength of a POS is only as a strong as its data analytics it is giving to the business. Intelligent reporting allows the ability to garner information that is not easily visible to the naked eye from detailed sales numbers, to product sales reporting, to a complete order history of movie theater patrons. This is an extremely valuable tool when trying to establish ways to increase margins or selling power of items inside a theater.

Inventory management in a POS system, meanwhile, will keep an accurate account of the existing inventory of a cinema helping to keep it running efficiently. But it does more than that. Movie POS systems can also manage the purchase and reorder process directly from within the backend management console - not only saving you time but also keeping you from accidentally not reordering at the right moment.

Luckily, cinema owners have a tool that can help mediate the chaos of the busy theater months while helping manage the tasks needed for daily operations. The  Revel Systems’ iPad POS offers an easy, user-friendly cinema management software that integrates both intelligent report and inventory management as well as the ability to customize your Movie POS to whatever your theater needs.

The software offers an “Always On Mode”  meaning that if the Internet goes out, the connection to the store does not. Business will continue as usual through your Revel iPad POS and the data will re-sync with the cloud once connectivity returns. Revel selects and configures all hardware, so your Cinema POS you want can be up and running in short order. Also, as always, Revel’s iPad POS software offers all card swipes that are encrypted, meaning the data is protected before the payment information even enters the iPad POS.

So as the holiday movie season gears up and customer flock to see The Wolf of Wall Street, Walking with Dinosaurs, and 47 Ronin, have a Movie POS installed that is prepared to do the heavy lifting for you.