Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Using an iPad point of sale is a great way to maximize business efficiency and profitability while keeping your costs low. One downside to an iPad POS, however, is the overall attractiveness and desirability of iPads, and these devices can often serve as an easy target for thieves. A stolen iPad is bad enough in itself--this is your business’s point of sale system, and chief piece of hardware, and replacing them (easy enough as it is) is another hassle you don’t need to worry about. Another factor to consider, aside from the inconvenience and cost of replacing stolen hardware, is the thieves gaining unauthorized access to sensitive business information and customer data.

How do you protect your devices--and sensitive business information—from unauthorized access? One way to thwart theft is to make sure you’re using secure and robust iPad stands that can mount to your counter. Another way is to make sure your business is using Mobile Device Management, or MDM.

What is Mobile Device Management, and how can it benefit your business? According to Wikipedia, Mobile Device Management software “secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises.” It ensures all your mobile devices--in this case, your business’s iPads--are secure and trackable in the unfortunate event of theft.

Here are the top 3 ways MDM can benefit your business:

  1. Security: Not only does MDM keep your devices trackable and data secure, but it ensures your business will be in compliance with PCI standards and requirements. Beginning in 2014, Mobile Device Management will be a requirement for all tablet-based point of sale systems. Keep your business compliant, and avoid subsequent fees for not complying, by implementing MDM for your point of sale.

  2. Remote Access: MDM allows Revel to update your point of sale terminals remotely, making it easier for you to make changes on the fly, across all POS terminals. This will also ensure that your business has the most up to date software Revel has to offer, without causing you any downtime or inconvenience.

  3. Trackability: In the unfortunate event that one of your iPads is stolen or lost, MDM allows it to be tracked and located. Revel can also lock your iPads down from unauthorized access, ensuring that not only will thieves not be able to use the stolen iPads, they will not be able to access any of your business data.

There you have it—Mobile Device Management is easy to implement and can prove a priceless investment in your business’s security and overall efficiency.