Top 10 Things Your iPad Can Do

The new iPads are incredibly popular today, and for good reason. There are plenty of utilities to use and play with on the iPad, but some rank higher with some more than others. Which ones do I think have the most potential right now? Here is my list:

1. iPad POS

When running a business, the iPad POS system will make your job at least a hundred times easier. Using the iPad POS system, the user can ring up customers, accept major credit cards, gift cards, run loyalty programs, manage inventory, update prices and allows the business to have access to sales and other reporting numbers from anywhere in the world, whether you're in the store or not.

2. FaceTime

Perhaps one of the less used, but incredible features is FaceTime. FaceTime allows the user to chat with others across the world, using the front facing camera to show the other persons face. This not only keeps families connected, and businesses visually in touch, but it also means long distance friends and colleagues can still chat face-to-face. This is indeed a feature of the future, and is already changing the ways families interact and keep in touch with each other.

3. Facebook and Social Media

Everyone loves connecting and networking. Social media is made easily accessible and viewable by plenty of apps on the Apple store, making your favorite social media sites at your fingertips. People love social media, let it be through the computer, phone, or iPad POS tablet, which is the best of both device worlds.

4. Emails and Messaging

Sporting one of the fastest processors on the market, emails and messaging is a breeze with the iPad. Not only are attachments available to download on your iPad, but you can send pictures, videos, and anything else on your iPad quickly and without the hassle of a big, bulky computer, or tiny phone screen.

5. Utilities - mini applications

One of the most common uses for the iPad are the utilities. Having the ability to have a fully functioning scientific calculator on the same device you play games on is a great help for those with a busy lifestyle. Tools such as the compass help you orient yourself, and the level (a new addition in iOS 7) will help all those DIY-ers out there with minor repair tasks. The utilities act as a swiss army knife of useful abilities.

6. Notes

The notepad on the iPad is an incredibly useful feature. For those who are students and professionals, those who go to meetings, or anyone who keeps notes and to-do lists, the iPad is a great tool for note taking and list making. Plus there is no paper to have to keep up with, and no more accidental rips or lost work.

7. Movies

The iPad is commonly used to watch movies. Using the Apple store, you can easily purchase or rent movies to carry with you and watch wherever you go. With the longer battery life of the new iPads, full movies with surround sound are available in their entirety of commutes, car trips, or just relaxing around the house at night.

8. Music

With a huge capacity for music, the iPad is the perfect place to store your music. Holding over 10,000 songs in one place is now easy, and there's no need for countless CDs in your car anymore, or not being able to find the one track you are looking for. Simply pull out your iPad and jam out!

9. YouTube

No longer do you need to sit in the same, uncomfy chair all day when surfing YouTube. The iPad's ability to play YouTube videos makes it easy to watch them wherever you are, whether it's in bed, on the couch, or outside! Even better, you can also make and post movies on the go directly from the iPad.

10. Gaming

The iPad doesn't come with any games, but there are plenty available on the Apple store. With over 100,000 different games to purchase and download for free, the iPad is quickly becoming one of the bigger portable gaming systems, if not already the most popular. The iPad processor is powerful enough to play fully immersive 3D games, and you can play while you're still listening to your music too.