Preparing Your Grocery Store for the Thanksgiving Rush

The average Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings will cost $49.04 this year according to a story from USA Today. That’s down a bit from last year’s cost of $49.48 (a YoY savings of $.44 from 2012), but still a pretty good deal when you think about all the food that finds its way to our Thanksgiving table. Most families will enjoy the traditional favorites like turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls or bread, cranberries, vegetables, coffee, milk, and of course pumpkin pie. Multiple item tickets are the norm at most grocery stores, and serving the needs of customers is especially important at this time of the year.

The age old retail acronym, “SWIS” (Sell What’s In Stock) is vitally important to any grocer’s success at Thanksgiving (and throughout the year as well), and Revel Systems Inventory Management on iPad POS is a great solution to keep on top of available inventory. Business owners can not only monitor what’s in stock; they can also manage the purchase and reorder process through the backend management console so there are no shortages of the products your customers want when they want them.

Handling a higher volume of transactions is also a challenge that faces grocers as Turkey Day approaches. Revel’s iPad POS system was recently incorporated into the Alabama State University stadium to handle purchases at all 30 concession stands throughout the structure. The system can process thousands of transactions per hour flawlessly. This keeps the lines moving during peak times so fans can get their refreshments and get back to the game quickly.  You can see the full story on Revel’s iPad POS in the home of the ASU Hornets at If Revel can handle the needs of a stadium full of people on game day, just think how easily Revel can integrate into your grocery store or chain.

Getting the word out to potential customers is key to profitable holiday selling season. Revel has you covered with its social media integration direct from the main console of your iPad POS system. You can Tweet or send messages directly to your customers so they know you’re open and have what they need in stock and ready to go. Social Media is a necessity in today’s business landscape, and Revel makes it fast and simple with easily integrated systems designed for your specific business model.

At the end of a busy day, grocery store owners (and all retailers as well) need accurate reporting of sales and inventory data. Revel’s Intelligent Reporting is just the thing to keep you on top of the day’s activities from detailed sales numbers to inventory levels to shortages in your cash registers. In fact, Revel monitors every bit of information on every transaction placed through the iPad POS system assuring piece of mind. We’re in the midst of the busiest selling season of the year; why not let Revel Systems design and install an iPad POS system in your grocery or retail location? Don’t you have enough to worry about already?