Rebooting Retail: POS as a Sales Solution

Revel Blog | Revel | November 25, 2013 |

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Looking to streamline retail sales? Point of Sale systems might be your answer. Easy to use, informative and secure, this modern technology leaves yesterday’s cash register in the dust.

There’s a reason retailers are some of the heaviest users of POS systems: with a POS comes a customized means of doing business. This is why POS is also known as Point of Service – this system does not merely provide a means for sales transactions, but rather lets you manage your business from many different angles. If you own a grocery store, you’ll be able to incorporate a scale into your POS; if you work at a bar or restaurant, a POS will allow you to modify orders per a diner’s request.

POS systems will usually include a cash register and a credit card swipe. Depending on a retailer’s needs, they will also include a weight scale, signature capture device, customer pin pad device and a conveyor belt. The POS software is capable of handling a wide array of customer requests, including sales, exchanges, gift cards, returns, exchanges, promotions and discounts. The software can also accommodate for requests such as foreign currency, coupon validation and multiple payment types.

Advanced features include an extensive suite of data and reports, which enable owners and managers to track their sales as well as inventory and industry trends. Want to see which items sold well – and which items stayed on the shelves? With a POS, it’s simple. What’s more, a POS offers the ability to produce sales reports on an individual employee basis, letting you calculate commissions and evaluate productivity.

Always concerned about building and maintaining their customer base, retailers turn to POS systems for their built-in customer relationship management capabilities. By keeping track of individual customers and their particular preferences, you’ll be able to better serve them. In addition, mobile POS units offer employees the freedom of completing the sales process directly from the floor, along with instant inventory updates to give productivity and profitability a boost.

A cloud-based platform ensures the security and accessibility of data, so retailers can rest assured that they – and only they – can access their reports from anywhere that has Internet access, using the  browser of their choice. User data are stored in a remote server, with no installation required – and cloud-based access means that retailers can run their businesses on mobile devices. Always On Mode functionality ensures functionality remains intact during an Internet outage. That means even when the Internet are down, retailers can continue to run their business as normal.

All this is a far cry from retail business as it used to be – without POS systems as they are today, retailers and their employees were responsible for manually keying in information, which often led to errors. With touch-screen technology, today’s POS system reduces the chance of mistakes and streamlines business as usual, whether it is internet-based or brick and mortar.

Doesn’t your business deserve a POS system?