How Restaurants Are Using Technology To Drive Business

New developments in technology are everywhere--how do you harness them to bring customers to your restaurant?

Here are four ways you can harness technology to draw traffic to your restaurant:

  • Mobile Dining Apps: Restaurant patrons will often use mobile apps as a way to discover their next dining experience. There are a multitude of consumer-facing mobile apps that drive traffic to your restaurant, the most notable among these being Yelp and OpenTable. Consumers will confer with these apps to discover nearby restaurants--in order to draw some of this traffic to your place of business, make sure you have an informative attractive profile.

  • Loyalty Apps: Loyal customers will frequent their favorite restaurant time and again--increase these numbers by offering a loyalty program that integrates with a patron’s mobile device. Customers will be eager to return to earn points towards whatever award you see fit, and your business will benefit not only from their frequent visits but from the visits of their friends as well.

  • Social Apps:  Many restaurant patrons like to let their social communities know where they are and what they’re doing through social apps such as Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook. As with the Mobile Dining Apps, make sure you have a solid profile on all main forms of social media. This way, when a customer “checks in” at your restaurant, their friends will see where they are and, subsequently, learn of your business. For an added bonus, tweet your specials or share photos of your delicious dishes directly from your POS.

  • Online Ordering:  Allowing customers to order online saves time, and increases the likelihood that they’ll choose your restaurant if they’re pressed for time. This also cuts down at lines at your establishment, allowing you to process more payments during the rush hour.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can harness technology to draw customers to your restaurant. While these apps are useful in the hands of the customers, they be integral to your business when they are integrated with your point of sale. Check out Revel’s marketplace to see some of the partners we integrate with. Let Revel help you build your own point of sale powerhouse, and harness the power of technology to draw customers to your restaurant.