10 Scariest Places to Find a POS System

Revel Blog | Revel | October 31, 2013 |

iPad POS halloween POS System

Happy Halloween!

Where are the 10 scariest places to find a POS System? Find out below, if you dare!

1) Junction House Restaurant using an Restaurant iPad POS System that keeps customers running back for more.

Junction House Restaurant using an Restaurant iPad POS System(Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

2) Dracula’s Castle is cooking up a non-garlic food truck POS.

3) Bates Motel is using a mobile pos solution for traveling between house and hotel.

4) Camp Crystal Lake likes a movie pos to put on a bloody-good show. 

5) Frankenstein’s Laboratory uses an event pos system with a shocking outcome.

 6) Elm Street uses a Pizza POS System where they always make the perfect slice.

 7) Briarcliff Mental Institution takes out scoops with a frozen yogurt POS.

8) The Stanley Hotel treats guests with a scary good quick service pos system.

9) Monroeville Mall has an iPad Retail POS to die for.

10) Behind this door…a Custom POS System!