Top 5 Creative Ways for Menu Creation

Revel Blog | Revel | October 9, 2013 |


Organizing a menu can be a challenging and complicated process, however, you have the power to create the perfect menu for your restaurant. Menu creation with Name, placement, and presentation all factor into a customer's decision to purchase an item. Let’s look at the top 5 creative ways to display your menu to its full potential.

1) Interactive Menu

Using advanced technology such as an interactive menu is a smart way to attract new customers. Inamo, an Asian restaurant in London, uses projection screens to display orders on an interactive table. Projectors hang above each table, displaying menu items on the table’s interchangeable surface. A touchpad in the corner of each table allows customers to pick and choose what they want to eat with the swipe of a finger.

The interactive menu on display at Inamo restaurant in London

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2) Cafeteria Menu

The cafeteria format, as seen in places like Chipotle, allows for customers to flow through a queue. Customers go down the line with the employee and make selections on what they want to add to their plate. In this case, the process of ordering food is the menu.

Cafeteria style menu at Chipotle

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3) Digital Menu Boards

Give your customers a visual appetite with huge displays on digital menu boards. By using digital menu boards, you have the power to drive customers to choose your most profitable items. Advertise your most appealing dishes to increase sales on those particular items that haven’t been selling well as others. Digital menu boards also allow you to integrate with point of sale systems to make changes in real-time.

The digital menu board icon from Revel Systems iPad POS

4) Menu Wheel

A wheel menu is a unique design to create excitement among customers. Mostly reserved for special events, wheel menus offer a path-like journey to find the right meal choice. Simply turn the wheel to reveal delicious menu items that were previously hidden.

Menu wheel

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5) Be Entertaining

Depending on the nature of your restaurant you’ll have to decide what you want your customers to see on your menu, but humor is one way to draw attention. Obviously this tactic won’t work for more upscale restaurants, but it’s a perfect complement for food trucks and most quick service restaurants. Take a look at this menu from Black Bear Diner…

Bacon menu from Black Bear Diner

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“Bacon - the candy of meats” says it all. Not only is the wording a hilarious take on a delicious treat, it lets the customer know exactly what they’re going to get on that page of the menu. Part of the fun for customers is picking something that appeals to them.

Another way to keep customers interested is to draw attention to your menu. Include signs and boards that feature special items you’re adding, even if they’re only for a limited run. A fun way to give your new menu items attention is to tie them to popular culture and/or current events as in the photo below.

Tonight's menu is justice Batman picture

Displaying a recognizable figure such as Batman is a fun, easy attention grabber. Place these types of display outside your restaurant for your customer’s viewing pleasure.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these top 5 creative ways to display your menu. Check back in the future for more insightful posts on the restaurant industry.