Improving Wi-Fi for Restaurants and Retail

Revel Blog | Revel | September 25, 2013 |


Have you ever noticed that sometimes a Wi-Fi signal is better on one side of your house than another? Or perhaps you are borrowing Wi-Fi from a neighbor and can only get a connection on the far side of your building. Walls, appliances, and other obstructions can affect your Wi-Fi connection, which is why we’re improving Wi-Fi for restaurants and retail. Revel’s hybrid architecture uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the cloud, and we take service a step further by optimizing your Wi-Fi placement. Based on the layout of your establishment, we use heat-mapping technology to locate where your Wi-Fi hotspots will have maximum connectivity. For owners, this means faster speeds and better connectivity to keep your business running smoothly.  This is especially important in restaurants, retail stores, and large-scale implementations like stadiums, as well as, multi-room, multi-floor establishments.

We are able to pinpoint exactly where the most efficient use of an access point would be for the rest of the system to speak with one another.  This is a game-changing feature.  No longer will we have to base access points off of square footage alone, but now with heat mapping technology, we can actually account for the placement of the walls and the different properties of the structure. We are also able to efficiently manage how the network broadcasts itself to iPads and other devices that rely on the Wi-Fi network.  In real-time we can monitor the clearest radio channels to broadcast the Revel Systems network, as well as any potential interference that is coming from other access points on the network.

wifi heat mapping technology

With heat mapping technology to help build out and manage Wi-Fi networks, Revel Systems is able to make the best iPad POS system even better.  We’re always looking for the most innovative solutions to help people run their businesses to the fullest potential, and improving Wi-Fi for restaurants and retail is just another step into the new standard in point of sale.