Revel iPad POS Clients in San Jose

At Revel we like to check in with our clients whenever possible. We appreciate feedback, and love to see how they have set up their iPad POS system.

Here are a few of our clients in San Jose, and what they had to say.

First off (alphabetically speaking) we have CaliDog, a fusion hotdog place located in the San Pedro Square Market in San Jose. CaliDog is known for its unique ingredients tossed onto classic wieners, which inspire new types of dogs, such as the Salsadog, the Shakingdog, and our personal favorite, the Breakfastdog.

Calidog logo

On the left in the following photo is Angela, co-owner of CaliDog, showing us just how easy and fun it is to use Revel. She immediately expressed her enthusiasm about Revel Systems’ ease of use and appealing UI: “The buttons are my favorite!” she gushed. Another favorite function—and the reason that she chose Revel over Square—is the ability to manage employee scheduling with the clock-in/clock-out feature.

Calidog owner Angela

Angela also loves how easy Revel is to use, and the very little learning curve it presents. Training is minimal, and the bulk of it consists of “live practice”—employees quickly pick it up as they go along. She iterated how happy she has been with Revel, and has even sent over potential clients.

After hotdogs, we checked out The Little Cheese Shoppe, also located in San Pedro Square:

Little cheese shoppe sign

We spoke with employees Jodi and Isabella. Isabella, who is also the daughter of owner Courtney, especially likes the support they receive. “That’s number one,” she told me. The system is also “easy to use, and has cool features.” Little Cheese Shoppe consists of a kitchen and a retail store, and Revel allows them to manage both aspects of their business with ease and efficiency.

Revel systems iPad pos on the counter of Little Cheese Shoppe

Our last, but not least, stop was Philz Coffee in San Jose.

We met with owner, Nick, and manager Komiel, who was kind enough to give us a testimonial of Revel Systems:

“Revel’s iPad POS system has been really beneficial to our business. The back office features allow me to track inventory and monitor our financials, allowing me to stay informed and up-to-date in real-time. The detailed pie charts and ability to export to Excel makes it easy for me to compile data to monitor trends of weekly sales. The POS interface is very user friendly and allows my employees to modify and select different products with ease.

Revel Systems iPads on display at Philz Coffee

Revel’s customer service and support was very helpful with Philz’s transition to the Revel POS system. They reprogrammed their systems to incorporate our company’s specific gift cards, and are always available whenever I need assistance. Whether I need information or my issue is support-based, I can always count on a Revel representative to walk me through any problems from start to finish.”