API Support Engineer: Revel Employee Spotlight

Revel Blog | Julie Standridge | August 30, 2022 |

People POS Spotlight

Revel’s “People POS” question and answer series continues with another inside look at the incredible work that takes place within the company's walls. 

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Revel’s Marketing Communications Manager Julie Standridge sat down with Bac Dinh Cong, a Revel API support engineer, for a Q&A session to learn more about his extensive support background at Revel. Bac has more than six years of experience helping Revel clients solve complex problems to keep their businesses running smoothly. Read on to hear more about his latest venture supporting Revel’s open API, a feature that clients take advantage of to optimize the platform for their unique needs. 

Meet API Support Engineer Bac Dinh Cong 

Six Years, Four Positions, Exponential Growth

(Q): Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Bac. To get started, let’s dive into your six-year tenure with the company. What is it about Revel that’s helped keep you engaged after all these years?

(A): Yes, I recently surpassed my six year anniversary and it felt great to reach that milestone. As someone who joined Revel directly after university and had no other corporate experiences, this company has helped me learn so much about how businesses work and thrive. I’m really grateful and thankful for the opportunities that Revel has provided me over the years. 

You asked me about what has helped keep me engaged after all these years, and for me, it’s all about the people and the experiences I’ve had here. I’ve been working with a lot of the same teammates for quite some time. They’re the ones who are motivating me to keep working here and striving to move forward. Some colleagues have since left Revel, and I still consider many close friends to this day. 

A Closer Look at the API Support Engineer Role at Revel

(Q): Now that we know a bit more about why you’ve stayed at Revel all these years, let’s take a step back. Can we explore what it means to be an API support engineer in a bit more detail? 

(A): As a support engineer, I help Revel Integrated Partners utilize our open API to integrate their technology into the Revel platform. I have the opportunity to work with so many of our amazing partners—including Restaurant365, ItsaCheckmate, and Chowly, to name a few—and their integrations help our clients customize the Revel solution to meet their unique needs. 

On a day-to-day basis, I manage communications with Revel Integrated Partners, which involves responding to technical inquiries and helping build out these integrations. I also get to work directly with clients if they have technical questions about their specific integrations. 

Today, our API support engineering team consists of just myself and my colleague Viktoras Draugelis. He’s extremely smart and I feel fortunate to get to work closely with him and learn from him. I also work closely with our tier three support team and our partnerships team.

(Q): Now that we know a bit more about the day-to-day tasks of an API support engineer, can you tell us a few of your favorite aspects of the position? 

(A): I really like talking to new people and new partners and digging into their technology stacks. Because I don’t live in the U.S., I don’t always know what third-parties stateside clients are using. I enjoy the challenge of getting to know those partners, and know that those new skills might come in handy in the future when working with another client. I also enjoy getting to know new cultures, which makes working with our U.S.-based clients rewarding.

This role also allows me to get to learn some of the development side of the house. This helps me get to know our platform even better, and I appreciate that the platform is improving all the time. 

Overall, the various teams I work with have been helping me grow in this role a lot. Considering I just joined this API team a year ago, I’m still always learning something new which is definitely one of my favorite parts of the role.

Career Growth at Revel

(Q): Over the course of your six years here at Revel, I can only imagine you’ve experienced some pretty incredible career growth. Can you share how your position has evolved since joining Revel right out of university? 

(A): In the span of six years, I’ve changed my position four times at Revel. I started in our entry-level tier one support role, and steadily progressed to tier two and then tier three. I most recently moved to the API support engineer position I’m in today. 

I’ve had my share of ups and downs—as anyone would—but I’m glad Revel has been there to support me. The team has always been there to help me if I’ve had any problems, and if you work hard, leadership genuinely wants to help you grow here. 

(Q): Wow, four promotions in six years is very impressive. In your opinion, how has the company evolved alongside you over the course of those six years? 

(A): In a big way! If I had to guess, there were probably about 50 employees when I started, and now there are 500+. I’ve gotten to watch Revel become very stable over the years and I’m really happy about that. We are still growing very fast, and despite only being a 12-year old company, we’ve really made a name for ourselves in the enterprise point of sale (POS) space. I’m proud to be a part of it. 

Life Outside of the Office

(Q): Can you tell our readers a bit more about who you are outside of Revel? 

(A): I have a bit of an interesting background. After the Vietnam War, my parents relocated to what was then the Soviet Union. I was later born in Latvia and raised in Lithuania and have lived in Eastern Europe my entire life. So, my first language is Russian, my passport is Lithuanian, and my ethnicity is Vietnamese. My background made it really easy for me to fit into Revel’s office and culture in Vilnius, Lithuania, and I really enjoy it here. 

Outside of work, I really like to work out and be outside as much as possible. Last year I ran my first full marathon, and now I’m getting myself ready for an Ironman. I also really enjoy traveling—I’ve already visited 30 countries this year! 

More on Revel’s Open API

Bac’s future at Revel is very bright considering the wealth of knowledge he’s accumulated over the course of six strong years with the company. 

If you’re a Revel client (or might like to be) and you haven’t already taken advantage of Revel’s open API and the customization opportunities that come along with it, we encourage you to give us a call if you’d like to learn more. 

Our team would love to help you further distinguish your offerings for your guests and stand out from the competition. And you never know, you may get to work directly with Bac in the near future!