A Year in Review at Revel Systems and A Look Ahead at 2023

Revel Blog | Chris Lybeer | December 20, 2022 |


In my role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I get a front row seat into the development work taking place inside Revel’s walls. In 2022, I’m so proud of the solutions we brought to market for our clients, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2023. Stick around as I share more thoughts on what we’ve accomplished, and what will come next. In case you missed my last blog post, I shared some advice on how POS technology can make restaurateurs' dollars go further

Another Year Wiser

It’s easy to get in a reflective mood towards the end of another year in the books. As we begin to put the pandemic further and further in the rearview mirror, it’s been exciting to watch our team bring new, forward-thinking solutions to market to meet evolving consumer demands. 

In this blog post, I’m excited to share what I’ve personally noticed trending in the point of sale (POS) market in 2022, and share my hopes for a positive new year in 2023. 

POS Market Trends in 2022

At the beginning of this year, I predicted that we’d see a rapid change in the way restaurateurs thought about their POS platform. And I think it’s safe to say that prediction was accurate. 

From our side, we certainly saw a rise in the need for native platforms vs. solutions with clunky, bolted-on integrations. Implementing a holistic transaction platform is truly the only way to remain nimble enough for success, and that goes for businesses of all shapes and sizes—including retailers, quick service restaurants (QSR), table service restaurants (TSR), coffee shops and pizzerias. 

I also suspected that we’d see more and more businesses realize that hybrid business models are a must. The omnichannel approach—which fully integrates the shopping experience across brick and mortar, in-app online ordering, and other channels—was and will continue to be an essential asset to businesses both big and small. We certainly experienced this during implementations with new clients this year. 

Take QSR giant McDonald's, for example. That brand is testing a new drive through concept in Texas that takes the hybrid business model to the next level. I think we’ll begin seeing more and more revamped concepts that prioritize mobile ordering and order ahead lanes just like this. 

As promised, Revel focused our research and development efforts on creating even more powerful reporting tools to help operators more easily realize the value of these aforementioned hybrid revenue streams. These same reporting solutions help operators monitor the financial and personnel outputs they require. More on this below. 

Bringing Critical Solutions to Market at Revel 

It would be nearly impossible to share all of the new solutions, features, and enhancements that we brought to market in one blog post. That’s the beauty of our quarterly product releases and it’s a good problem to have! But I want to call out a few of our newer solutions that made life easier for operators this year, and were driven to market by really listening to the needs of our client base. 

Driver XT™ powered by DoorDash Drive Enables Direct Delivery

Earlier this year we announced a partnership with DoorDash Drive, DoorDash's white-label fulfillment platform that enables direct delivery for any business. Through the partnership, Driver XT powered by DoorDash Drive allows Revel clients to offer delivery without having to manage and operate a fleet of drivers. Better yet, Driver XT fully integrates with our Online Ordering XT™ solution. 

Get Driver XT

Revel Loyalty XT™ Powered by Como Helps Drive Repeat Customers 

Loyalty XT is an affordable, in-house loyalty solution tailored for small to midsize businesses. This solution integrates directly with our platform, and clients can use this comprehensive toolkit to drive customer loyalty, reward their regular customers, and build rich marketing communication programs. 

I hope clients continue to jump on the chance to create an even more seamless customer engagement solution with Loyalty XT—browse this one sheet to learn more!

Core Reporting XT Enhances Enterprise Reporting

Core Reporting XT is our next generation of enterprise reporting. The solution offers visual data dashboards designed to help our clients make long term decisions, track key performance metrics at scale and quickly find areas for improvement using our enterprise management system (EMS). 

All in all, Core Reporting XT reduces the need to export data and makes it easier to do core analytics within Revel’s company information system. Easy is better, and we’re always striving to simplify the way our clients make decisions for their businesses. 

See Core Reporting XT in Action

The Future is Bright at Revel

In 2023, I anticipate that the adoption of technology, especially across the restaurant industry, will continue to grow exponentially. I’m a firm believer that the cost of the right technology investment will always save a company money over time. 

And saving money is a hot topic right now for business owners. We will continue to keep an eye on the inflationary pressures facing retailers and restaurants in the new year, and bring additional products to market that can help them retain more profits while still offering a great customer experience. 

I look forward to the challenges that 2023 will bring us as a company, and the challenges that I’ll have the chance to tackle professionally and personally as well. We have a great team in place here at Revel to overcome a lot of obstacles for our clients, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together. 

If you’re a growing brand interested in moving to the cloud in 2023, click here or give us a call at +1 (833) 437-3835 for a free demo. We’d love to hear from you!