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3 Key Benefits of Loyalty Programs

Kelly Hogan | July 20, 2022 |

3 Key Benefits of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant industry. Brands are recognizing that a loyalty program that attracts, rewards and retains loyal customers aligns with higher revenue. In fact, a huge restaurant chain, Red Robin, claimed their new loyalty program was a critical factor in the brand’s 21 percent revenue jump. Along with increased revenue, there are many other benefits that come with loyalty programs. In this article we will look at the 5 key benefits of loyalty programs. 

3 Key Benefits of Loyalty Programs

     1. Improved Customer Engagement 

Loyalty programs will likely entice customers if the programs provide discounts and offers that help guests save money. But, there is more to a loyalty program than just offering those rewards. Customers joining your loyalty programs give your business even more opportunities to engage and improve relationships. 

When guests sign up, they are automatically providing their email or phone number, allowing you to track unique data on them. This gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers through targeted emails or special offers designed to attract them back more frequently. In fact, 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand. 

By designing, personalizing and executing a loyalty program that caters to your customers, you will be able to improve your engagement and keep your customers coming back for more. 

2. Increased Sales

Another key benefit of loyalty programs is improved sales revenue. When guests enroll in your loyalty program, that adds a layer of “stickiness” to your brand, making your restaurant the more likely choice when they are considering your business or a competitor. Loyalty programs help keep your brand top of mind when it comes to dining decisions. 

Also, your guests are more likely to spend more when they visit if they are a part of a loyalty program. A study by Paytronix found that people who join loyalty programs visit restaurants 20 percent more often and spend 20 percent more than they would if they hadn't joined. Loyalty programs are crucial to customer retention and can directly drive more dollars to your restaurant. 

3. Supplemental Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Especially in a crowded restaurant marketplace, spreading the word about your brand and standing out from the competition is challenging. When it comes to marketing, it’s a great idea to accept all the help you can get. 

Customers are more likely to recommend your restaurant when they are constantly getting rewarded for dining with you. Small perks and discounts really add to your social currency with loyal visitors, and you are building trust and growing the relationship each time they come to dine with you. As this relationship deepens between your guests and your business, these loyal customers are credible brand advocates for you when they recommend your restaurant to their friends and family. It is a win, win! Diners get rewarded and your business gets free marketing! 

Now that we have discussed a few benefits of loyalty programs in general, let’s dive into how Loyalty XT™ powered by Como can benefit your business. 

Benefits of Implementing Revel's Loyalty Platform

This integrated loyalty solution will encourage repeat guest visits and drive increased revenue for your business. From initial contracting to on-going support, Loyalty XT is a one-stop-shop for all your loyalty needs. 

Using data-backed insights, Loyalty XT enables hospitality and retail businesses to drive loyalty and increase customer spend through easy program registration, customer gifts, point-based systems or punch cards to earn rewards and more. 

In addition, Loyalty XT is quick and easy to learn, which means program administration is very intuitive as you manage the system. 

Loyalty XT gives you the ability to take control of your loyalty platform, choose how your customers earn and create lifetime value for your repeat guests. You are able to draw from data and leverage those learnings to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

Why Invest in a Loyalty Program? 


  • Form direct branded connections with your customers 
  • Use insights about you customers to drive personalized marketing and campaigns 
  • Make more informed menu and business decisions 
  • Retain customers and make them promoters of your brand

Customers who have used Loyalty XT have seen the following results from our loyalty platform: 

  • An 18% increase in visit frequency for loyalty members
  • A 10% increase in average spend per visit by loyalty members
  • A 30% overall increase in sales
Design the best POS loyalty program to work for you and your customers. With Loyalty XT, take control of your loyalty platform, put your guests in the driver’s seat for a personalized, exceptional experience, and create customers for life. Request a free demo today!