Top 3 Things to Look for in a Restaurant POS

You started out in the restaurant business because you loved food. You loved the way people smiled when they enjoyed the meal you or your staff prepared. You loved the prep work, the cooking and yes, even shopping for the best ingredients to serve to your customers. Then the reality of the business end of restaurant management or ownership came into sharp focus. There’s a bottom line to consider and ends that constantly need to meet. It seems like the business part is taking up more and more of your time and the food part is slipping into the background. Maybe it’s time to consider a better solution to the management end of the business with Revel.

Cost – While an absolute “off the shelf” price for a POS solution is difficult to nail down, Revel can tailor a system to meet both your current and future POS needs. When weighing costs you should keep in mind all of the hours you’re spending now and all the hours you’ll save with a Revel POS system in place.

What do I really need? – While each restaurant is as individual as its owner there are a few turnkey solutions designed for an easy transition. Revel’s experts have helped hundreds of businesses make the leap to a new POS system so they know the best path for you to follow. We’ll even train your staff.

Will I really save money? – A Revel POS provides built-in time saving functions that translate right to your bottom line. Everything from ordering to staffing comes under the POS umbrella. And in the front end, taking customer orders, communicating with the kitchen and even credit card swipes for payment is streamlined. Time is money and the more time you save the better the opportunity to make money.

Key Features of a Revel iPad POS

Turning tables usually means turning profits and Revel’s Restaurant iPad POS offers features that include customised table layouts, table timers and tableside ordering to cut down wait times. With Revel’s Intelligent Reporting you’ll be on top of your hourly sales in real time and you can immediately spot irregularities like theft or shrinkage.  You can monitor gift and credit card transactions, track your unused gift cards and monitor rewards programs. Your new iPad POS provides levels of oversite you never could have imagined.

It’s Time to Come Onboard

We’re so sure our iPad POS system can help take your restaurant to levels you never thought possible that we offer a no-obligation live demo to let you see for yourself. Here’s your chance to put us through our paces and answer any questions you may have about Revel’s iPad POS.