Revel Systems Makes the Top 5 Most Popular Retail POS Systems List

Revel Blog | Kellie Wong | September 2, 2015 |

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Revel Systems officially makes the top 5 on Software Advice’s ‘Top 10 Most Popular Retail Point of Sale (POS) Systems’ list! Software Advice, a third-party POS system research site, took into account user adoption levels, search traffic (brand authority), and social media presence when determining the top retail POS systems for businesses. Revel Systems scored an overall 4.4 out of 5, with a strong 4.8 in search traffic (brand authority), 4.4 rating in user adoption level, and 3.9 in social media presence. Atop of understanding which POS systems rank highest in all three categories, Software Advice also reveals to what degree of customer loyalty and overall consumer interest these POS products have.

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(via Software Advice)

Justin Guinn, Market Research Associate at Software Advice who worked heavily on determining the top retail POS systems list, shared, ““The report we conducted analyzes the extensive POS market to discern the 10 most popular POS systems in the retail space. Our research team spent 6 months developing the methodology to determine which products are indeed the most popular in the POS industry today. Many other similar reports focus on total company revenue or number of product licenses sold as their source of market share. Although that measurement can be impactful, we wanted to be sure that the products we were ranking didn’t only have a lot of licenses sold. That’s why we directly surveyed employees to find out what systems they’re using in their jobs. This measurement indicates which systems are most frequently used among both smaller businesses and enterprises. Revel made our Most Popular Retail POS Systems report because of it’s impressive usage numbers, brand popularity and social media followership. Revel soars up the list with it’s impressive brand authority (as indicated by search traffic) for which they scored a 4.8 out of 5. Revel’s combined scores gave it an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.” Access Software Advice’s ‘Top 10 Most Popular Retail POS Systems’ list to learn more key findings.

Revel Systems’ Retail POS system is a top POS choice for retailers because it’s built specifically for retail needs and wants. From inventory management to employee scheduling, Revel provides a fully customised all-in-one solution to take retail shops to the next level. Employees are trained faster with its ease of use, owners can save money with the ability to select their own payment processor and customers are happier with a more personalised and engaging shopping experience. Everything from digital menu boards, customer facing displays, appointment scheduling and even loyalty programs retailers can step up their game and stay ahead of the competition with Revel’s award-winning retail POS solution.