Paying with PayPal™

Paying with PayPal™: The Consumer Experience

PayPal™ is used by millions of mobile sites and apps for payment as well as traditional brick and mortar stores that now utilise its e-commerce platform and in-store payments.

For consumers, PayPal™ allows for many advantages over using traditional methods of payment. Instead of reaching into their wallets for money, consumers just check-in with phones to pay. Their phone is converted into a digital wallet, speeding up the payment process and giving the customer a secure way to pay. Consumers no longer have to worry about how much cash they have on them or dig for their wallet when their phone is within easy reach.

With PayPal™ now being integrated into thousands of mobile devices using both iOS and Android operating systems, using the system is easier and more accessible than ever for consumers. Indeed, it would seem the trend is picking up:  PayPal™ estimates that 58 percent of smartphone owners have already used PayPal™ at some point to pay for goods or services.

There are more advantages for consumers:

  1. Security – No credit card information is exchanged during an in-store PayPal™ transaction. Because of that, there is no risk of your credit card data getting hacked.

  2. Costs – There are no annual memberships, no processing fees or service charges for the consumer.

  3. Discounts – PayPal™ offers special discounts to customers that shop with selected retailers saving money on goods they would normally be buying anyway.

In order to provide business owners with the flexibility consumers get from PayPal™, the service has now been integrated into Revel Systems’ iPad point of sale software. Not only does this gives consumers a new and easy way to pay but is faster, safer and one that customers know is a trusted source.

Using Revel’s iPad POS software with PayPal™ also provides:

  1. Mobile Discovery – Potential customers can search the PayPal™ app’s directory for nearby establishments, allowing them to discover new places to shop.

  2. Ordering ahead – Customers have the option of saving time with their transactions by using PayPal™ to pay ahead of time, cutting down on wait times and avoiding lines.

  3. Safety – Revel’s POS is already secure, but allowing for PayPal™ transactions gives one more layer of security for customers and merchants alike.

  4. Easy setup – Revel users wishing to integrate PayPal™ simply request for the option to be turned on in the back end. Setup takes minutes and you’ll instantly have everything you need to accept PayPal™ in-store.