8 Must-Ask Questions To Your Employees

Whether you are shopping around for new technology for your business or you want to gain insight into the successes and challenges of your current platform, your employees input matters a lot. From front of house—servers, hosts, cashiers, sales, shift leads, etc—to back of house—line cooks, expediters, stock-keepers, etc, your workforce is the backbone of your business. Your staff are the power users of your business’ technology.

Their feedback is necessary in order for you to make informed decisions. Whether you are looking for new technology, wanting to enhance your current platform, or simply interested in learning more about how your tech works, ask your staff!

Not only will you gain a complete understanding of how your technology is performing, but by engaging with your staff at a higher level, you are enabling them to feel a closer connection to the business.

Dig deeper into your tech and ask your employees these seven questions:

Does the technology make your job easier?

Outdated technology can be cumbersome, requiring constant maintenance and long, late night calls with support. Evaluate the success of your technology by questioning how the technology has or has not made each employee’s job easier.

What features does the platform lack, and are there any features aren’t currently getting utilised?

Break down the question by asking which features are helpful and being used daily or regularly, which features go unused and/or are unhelpful, and which features they wish existed in the platform.

Need to add or remove features? Revel Systems’ open API POS platform will let you customise your technology, so you can manage as your business as you see fit.

How quickly can you process transactions?

Long check-out lines frustrate shoppers and can even dissuade them from making a purchase. Do you have an idea of how many customers you lose due to slow check-out lines? If not, ask those who are on the floor processing the transactions, and follow up by asking them how the technology in place is supporting or hurting transaction speed.

Is the technology helping you upsell?

Your technology should not just be enabling faster transactions but creating upsell opportunities for your employees. Can they easily leverage combos and discounts, to increase profit margins and customer retention?

How do shoppers react to the technology?

Is it intuitive to the shopper? Do they offer any positive or negative feedback? Do they express a desire to reach your business through a different channel (online/mobile)?

Your employees have daily, face-to-face customer interactions and are on the frontline for hearing customers’ thoughts. This feedback gives you detailed insight into how you can improve your customers’ experience.

Do you have easy access to training and is it easy to train new staff?

From questions about the reporting capabilities to how the Customer Display Screen displays tips – every employee, manager, and owner should have easy access to a rich knowledge base of information designed to walk you through every feature. Also, the platform should be intuitive to incoming employees. The employee training new employees should have access to an online training page, so they can easily walk them through the steps.

Should I revisit the access/permissions controls?

Lastly, your employees’ ability to succeed can simply be based on what features and analytics they have access to. Ask them how you can revisit the access and permission controls to ensure that they can operate at their highest level.

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