4 Ways Revel Addresses Pizzeria Pain Points

Revel Blog | Revel | March 21, 2017 |

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1. Syncing Back of House With Front of House

You may equate seamless customer experience with front of house operations like online ordering, mobile order takers, and Self-Service Kiosks. But what you may not be accounting for are your back of house operations. Ensuring a flawless end-to-end customer experience, is ensuring that your front of house syncs seamlessly with your back of house.

To maintain efficiency across your pizzeria, it’s important to organise how orders are taken and how they’re delivered to the kitchen. Tim Johnson, Director of Corbett and Claude, utilises Revel’s mobile order takers religiously, saying that with this technology he can “make the most of the speed of service.” And in recognising that “kitchen speeds are crucial to the overall guest experience,” Corbett and Claude credits Revel’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) as a major reason for their 15 to 20% increase in efficiency across front of house and back of house operations.

2. Data Driven Decisions

With over 60,000 U.S pizzerias, agility is key to being competitive. What’s driving marketplace agility? Data. Whether it’s taking a deep dive into inventory variances, seeing a snapshot of hourly sales, or gathering customer data – you have the knowledge to act quicker and smarter.  

Juan Reyes, Marketing Manager of Pizza Patron, recognised that when they chose to franchise, they were getting introduced into a larger, more aggressive market. With a heightened pressure to stay agile, they sought out Revel to face this new market. Speaking to Revel’s robust reporting, he stated, “If we need to make a quick pivot in terms of marketing or price point, we can do it dynamically.” The heart of Pizza Patron is its customers, and with access to product mix reporting, Juan says that he can take a look into “consumer behaviours, and what they are buying and what they don’t like.”

3. Time Saver

At a cadence of opening a new restaurant every 3 months, Fired Pie understands the value of time. From the time it takes to process one transaction to the time it takes to manage 14 stores, there is a constant challenge to keep operations running at its quickest.

Fired Pie began to work with Revel to enhance their speed of service and cut down on administrative time sucks. On high volume nights, Fired Pie can bring in around 1,000 hungry patrons, and with Revel they can serve them all quickly. At a transaction process of less than 10 seconds, Fired Pie can cut down on loss – Fred Morgan, Co-Owner of Fired Pie says that “Revel has saved us on average 10-15 hours a week.”

4. Helps You Grow

Every businesses’ goal is to grow, whether in profits, customer base, locations, or all of the above. Solomon Sarway, COO of Posh Tomato, needed a scalable solution to help Posh Tomato expand in an affordable and intuitive way.

“It is extremely valuable as a franchisor to have Revel Systems, which only costs me around $3,000-$4,000 if I were to build another store, as opposed to $30,000-$40,000 with another system that is not scalable.” Whether its expansion or a total industry pivot – the nature of a customised platform allows you the flexibility to take on higher volume, and arms you with the information needed to grow your business.

“I look at Revel as a way to be me, be my business.” - Solomon Sarwar, Posh Tomato

Revel understands the pizza industry; that’s why we’ve developed a Pizza POS system designed to combat pizzeria pain points. Join us as we will be showcasing the latest POS developments for pizzerias at the Pizza Expo, Booth N2637.

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