Gift Ideas For The Overworked Business Owner

For business owners the holidays bring up fears of long days, late nights, and exhaustion – dulling them to the seasonal spirit. This year treat your boss (or yourself) to the greatest gift of all, a work life balance.

We’ve outlined 6 practical gift ideas for the overworked business owner:

Caffeine Rush

Whether it be $10 giftcard to Starbucks or a shiny new coffee setup – this year gift instantaneous productivity. A warm cup of jo’ or a triple shot espresso will give your boss the liquid power to close out sales and take on the holiday rush.

Build The Brand

Lift your bosses spirit with company spirit. Invest in company swag and slap a logo on items you will actually use. This is a great tool for giveaways and encouraging your employees to be brand ambassadors in and out of the office.

Gym Membership

This is not meant as a slight, in fact studies show that encouraging a healthy lifestyle will supercharge your work productivity. Staying active increases blood flow to the brain, helping you sharpen awareness and making you ready to tackle the work day.

Followers Made Easy

There is sentimental value in cold, hard cash. Shed some money in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads for them. The boost in followers can lead traffic to your storefront and further brand recognition online. With Revel’s social media integration, you can stay up to date on conversations and engage with followers from anywhere.

Keeping Organised

Holiday season calls for herds of last minute holiday shoppers and stressed out merchants. Balance the entropy with an organised environment. Gift your boss the feeling of control and order with organisational tools and trinkets.

Productivity Powerhouse

The North Pole isn’t the only productivity powerhouse this season. Revel’s iPad Point of Sale solution is commerce made easy. From taking mobile orders, Quickbooks integration, inventory and delivery control, employee management, and much, much more – Revel is doing the work so you don’t have to. Find your work life balance this season and unwrap an industry-leading POS.