Handy Revel features you may not be aware of!

One of the greatest aspects of the Revel Point of Sale is our commitment to innovation. Since inception, we’ve made it our mission to provide our clients with state of the art tools to help them run their business in the most efficient manner possible. As you may already know, each quarter we release a suite of new features and updates to streamline business processes for mangers and staff, but sometimes it’s a little hard to keep track of every single update! With this in mind, we thought we’d highlight a few features that you may have missed across some of our more recent releases:

Item tracking by Revel
In our 2.19 release, we added a functionality for users to track prep time for forecasted items. The Forecasted column displays the forecasted sales in x minutes (where x minutes = prep time) before the forecasted sales. For example, if the prep time is one hour, and the forecasted sales amount for 10:00am is 12, the 9:00am prep cell will display 12.

If sales differ significantly to the forecast, prep numbers under the “Prep” column will turn bold to account for actual sales.

Tile Kitchen View on the KDS
The Tile Kitchen View allows each order to be displayed on its own tile in either dark or light views depending on your preference, and staff can easily interact with items by simply tapping on them. The Tile Kitchen view can be easily activated by tapping twice on the Revel logo located on the top left of the KDS screen.

Bluetooth check in with the Revel White Label App
This feature is really something else. If a customer orders from your venue through the Revel White Label App and has Bluetooth turned on, their order will automatically upload and queue on the Revel POS once the customer enters your venue to finalise the transaction. This helps to significantly reduce wait times and streamline the order process!

Customisable end of day process
Every venue’s end of day process is unique, so we decided to update the EOD process in the management console earlier this year. The update allows managers to create a customised EOD process to close out the current day’s activity and reset the system for the next business day. An alert can be set at a designated time, prompting the manger to run the process to ensure that important business procedures are completed in a consistent and timely manner.

If you have any questions about how these great features work, give us a yell on (02) 8520 3344 or apac.info@revelsystems.com