5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are expected to boom in the next couple of years. The pioneers of this trend are definitely on to something. Here are the top five reasons more and more restaurant owners are upgrading to the convenience and sophistication of digital menu boards.

  1. Easy to read
    Your menu contains key information every customer wants to know, namely, what kind of food do you serve, and how much does it cost? Oftentimes, based on your selection and prices alone, new customers will make on-the-spot decisions about staying or leaving. While handwritten menus can be difficult to read, digital menu boards with brighter images and sleek layouts impress with their presentation.
  2. Easy to maintain
    There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than ordering a special that has already sold out. With a digital menu board, you can easily keep your selection accurate and up to date, even with last-minute product changes. Revel’s iPad Point of Sale communicates directly with Digital Menu Boards so that changes can be made within minutes. Franchise owners also love the convenience of being able to access and sync their menus from outside the restaurant.
  3. Reduced wait times
    Digital menu boards display more than just menu items. They can also educate customers about everything from nutritional values to the steps of custom salad or entrée creation. For bar owners, an advanced menu system accurately spotlights the current beverage list, from the name, style, and color of the alcohol to the type of glassware it’s served in. Having this information handy reduces wait times and makes the entire ordering process more efficient.
  4. Market your promotions
    Update your promotions daily, weekly, or monthly. A digital menu system can highlight your mimosa in the morning and your mohito at night. Promotional updates can be inputted from anywhere and implement across-the-board messages that encompass new store openings, events, and specials.
  5. Modernize your establishment
    Today’s customers are tech-savvy and expect the establishments they frequent to be equally so. In addition to integrating with your existing Point of Sale technology, a digital menu board is practical in that it eliminates the costly need to continually replace plastic or static menu board parts.

Customize your menu display with images, logos, and colors that match your brand. With the Revel iPad POS Digital Menu Board, you can choose from a variety of layouts, including single image, two-column, three column, and eight tile. Learn more by scheduling a live demo with Revel Systems here.