Product Preview: Revel’s 2.73 App Release

Revel Blog | Kelly Hogan | February 23, 2022 |

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Product Release Benefits

Product releases are essential when it comes to providing the best, up-to-date technology for the customers we serve. That is why Revel does seasonal product releases to make sure we are providing the best technology to our customers, allowing them to run their business without complications. 

One of our customers, Tarka Indian Kitchen, cites Revel’s regular releases and product enhancements as one of the reasons they love partnering with us. “Revel has been a great partner for Tarka,” says Tinku Saini, CEO and co-founder of Tarka Indian Kitchen. “They are constantly working to improve their product and take our feature requests and feedback into account when rolling out updates.” 

Revel’s next product release, version 2.73, is just around the corner, and as usual, we have some exciting new features and enhancements coming with it. Let’s check out what will be available with this release. 

2.73 New Product Features and Enhancements 

Revel’s product engineering team has been hard at work for the past few months to further improve our apps for our clients. Here are some of the product highlights in this release: 

Deferred Modifiers

This gives teams the ability to add products to an order without having to first configure all the modifiers. Employees can now add a product to an order then go back and configure the modifiers. This gives greater flexibility into how restaurant operators set up their ordering flows. 

Default Modifier Quantity 

With this feature, Revel customers can add a default quantity to default modifiers, giving more flexibility in product-modifier relationships. This also gives kitchens more clarity on what to prepare and makes inventory tracking easier. 

Employee Clock In Notifications 

For managers who want to create messages they want their employees to see and acknowledge before they clock into their shift for the day, this feature is now available. Managers can also be exempt or included from seeing the notifications as needed. One great use case for this type of prompt is a message asking employees to acknowledge that they have not been experiencing COVID symptoms when they show up to work. Another use case includes important reminder messages, such as employee acknowledgements of handbook or policy updates. 

Split Payments for Third-Party Online Orders 

Revel now supports split payments for merchants using third party platforms (this is dependent on the support from third-party platforms). Customers will be able to pay with multiple payment methods for a single order, such as with a credit card and a gift card, and Revel can reflect these payments on the POS and in reports.

Item Availability for 86'd Items 

Restaurants can quickly and easily mark an item as unavailable, or 86’d, to prevent the sale of products and modifiers that are sold out or temporarily unavailable. Marking a product or ingredient as unavailable will also prevent the sale of any linked items.

Early Read Functionality for Payment Transactions 

Early Read is a payment flow that allows customers to complete a card interaction at the payment terminal before the final order amount is known. This flow will help merchants offer a faster speed of service, and is available for businesses utilizing Freedompay and Revel Advantage, powered by TriPOS. 

Punchh Loyalty Integration for Revel CDS XT

On the customer display system (CDS), Revel now supports Punchh Loyalty. That means customers can now do the following on CDS XT:

  • Account lookup via phone or email
  • Get input mirroring between the POS & CDS
  • Remove an account from the order (logout)

Another supported feature is a warning for merchants if payment is initiated by a customer before their account lookup is completed.

Item-Level Discounts on Online Ordering 

Both item-level and order-level discounts and rewards are now supported on online ordering for merchants with a Como loyalty integration as well as on Revel’s Online Ordering XT solution. These changes make for a more consistent experience between orders placed at a traditional Revel POS terminal and orders placed online. 

Revel SmartPay Enhancements 

Revel SmartPay is part of our core offering and is a contactless way to pay from a mobile device through a QR code or text message. With our 2.73 release we’re adding support for ApplePay as a payment method for clients using the FreedomPay gateway. 

FreedomPay Security Enhancements 

Reduce fraud (and fees!) for card-not-present transactions in Online Ordering XT and Revel SmartPay with our new address verification system (AVS) and 3DS security features. AVS is a security measure that allows merchants to authenticate the ownership of the card used in card-not-present transactions. 3DS is a security protocol that was designed to allow a cardholder to authenticate its identity to prevent payment fraud, prevent unauthorized transactions and reduce chargebacks. Note: 3DS feature is only available for merchants using FreedomPay with Online Ordering XT in the United Kingdom.

Revel Advantage International Enhancements

Online Ordering XT and SmartPay will now be supported by Revel Advantage International. Revel Advantage International is an in-house payment processing solution powered by Adyen available to Revel clients in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, with plans for expansion to other countries in the near future.

Revel is Dedicated to Customers' Success

We are excited to continue our product releases and better our Revel apps going forward. Check out our 2.73 release help site article for a full listing of new functionality. Not a Revel client yet? Request a free demo today to learn more about what our solutions have to offer!