The Cauldron: Where Magic and Reality Collide | [Customer Spotlight]

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | October 29, 2019 |

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Brewing up a magical concept

The Cauldron—a gastropub and magical cocktail experience—is operated by a management group called “The Magic of Things,” which focuses on its mission to make magic real using science, technology, and design. A vision made reality by Kickstarter, The Cauldron leverages science to create immersive, undeniably magical, mixology and gastro experiences for its guests. The concept was originally a popup experience that has since expanded to four international locations. 

Operationalizing the magic

As with any budding business, magic or no magic, the founders of The Cauldron had many factors to consider to bring their concept to life. Customer experience is at the heart of all the happenings at The Cauldron, extending from drink options and presentation to payment method. Giving close consideration to every detail of guest experience, the founders knew they would need Restaurant POS Systems. 

"We chose Revel over other point of sale options because of the ability to pre-authorize debit and credit cards at the time when a guest comes into the business. Our bar operates with magic wands and so we've built a custom software and hardware system where you can open up a tab on your magic wand and pour as much as you want of whatever liquid. At the end you pay for what you poured.”  - Matthew Cortland, CEO, The Cauldron


A step beyond the magic

In addition to facilitation of the wand payment system, Revel’s platform offers a few other features that support The Cauldron’s magical experience from behind the scenes. In-depth data analytics allow site managers to see what inventory is moving, when their peak hours of business are, and what changes—if any—they want to make to further improve guest experience. Integrated labor management also allows them to staff their locations appropriately. With Revel, they don’t have to worry about over- or under-scheduling. 

With a point of sale that handles all facets of business operations, employees at The Cauldron are free to focus on the most important part of their mission: making magic real for every visitor. 

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