3 Technologies That Reduce Restaurant Wait Times

While long wait times can look like a nice PR play, the reality is, lines can be detrimental to your bottom line. And in an era where convenience is touted above all else, younger generations patience when waiting for food is awfully thin. Long wait times are turning away valuable customers and slowing down operational efficiency.

To delight your customers and boost your bottom line with higher table turns – leverage these three technologies to reduce your restaurant wait times.

Mobile Order Takers

For restaurants, the Point of Sale used to be limited to the check-out counter or by a check tableside. But now as technology has evolved, so has the point of purchase. With Mobile Order Takers, you can process orders wherever the customer is. Whether that be tableside ordering, or taking orders from your customers in line – the processed orders go straight to the kitchen, so your chefs can get a jump start on making the dishes.

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Self-Service Kiosks

Recent reports show a 9% year over year increase in guests’ usage of self-service kiosks; more and more restaurants are designed in mind for kiosk implementation to drive revenue and cut down on wait times. By giving customers total control over their customer journey, and letting your staff spend time cooking and not processing orders – you can drive down wait times and increase back of house efficiency.

 "Revel’s self-service kiosk is like having three extra employees. During busy lunch rushes, it speeds up processing time by about 40%." - CHARburger

And for restaurants that are concerned that kiosks are hurting the customer experience, many reports point otherwise. Self-service is becoming an integral way of customer service, and many diners actually prefer self-service to traditional customer service.

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Table Management Tools

With a full suite of table management tools, turntables with ease. You can digitally replicate your table layout on your POS to easily assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless. This can help you keep an eye on table turns, and have up-to-second updates on when a table is freed up, so you can reduce your restaurant wait time.

Looking to seat a walk-in party of ten? To ensure this party doesn’t experience service gaps from the moment they arrive at their table, you can easily identify what stage of service, and how many seats are at each table with color-coded timers.

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Whether you are a full-service restaurant, fast-casual, or quick service – maintaining high volume customers can be a challenge without the right technologies. With Revel Systems, no matter the type of restaurant, outfit your front of house and back of house to increase table turns and drive down wait times – ultimately, making your customers happier and boosting your bottom line!