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After finishing as a finalist at a Revel Tech Competition, focusing on helping merchants save time and money, JoyUp team began to brainstorm issues for the merchants:

  1. How busy they must be.
  2. How the learning curve of social media holds back progress.
  3. Not knowing how to convert social media engagement into repeat orders.

JoyUp’s Joy’s mission grew to help food businesses achieve two personal goals:

  1. We want to know more about food trucks and independent shops in our community.
  2. We want to make ordering easier, because frankly we hate waiting in line no matter how good the food is.

Joy takes care of Social Engagement

Facebook has become the go-to source for connecting with customers online. It can be the deciding factor of your online presence and is a requirement for a modern restaurant. The problem is that social media takes time out of your busy schedule and without constant updates become more of a headache than a tool for success. JoyUp has revolutionized the process so that you can automate your Facebook and Instagram posts giving you more time to work on your business while receiving the benefit of a professionally curated social media presence. Joy does all the heavy lifting, while your page goes from a ghost town, to a busting center of exchange of information.

Joy is taking queries over Facebook Messenger 100% of the time allowing for guests to always be connected to your business.

Connecting on Facebook connects you with the online foodies that can quickly expand your presence online.

Create ads for the food that people are missing out on, expanding your food creativity.

Know what people are looking at, and make informed decisions on your menu and futures. Joy pulls the analytics of what is selling and what is not, and Joy will target ads for more movement of those products. Acting as a social media marketer, Joy enhances both the visibility of your products, while retaining people to the classics.

Become a more successful restaurateur by adding Joy to your Revel system and utilizing the mass wave of marketing opportunities online. By having Joy on your side, not only will you be getting assistance on making the most informed decisions on your products, you will be getting...

Benefits in Numbers: Abhinav Kuru, the Founder/CEO of JoyUp emphasizes on how social orders are bringing in repeat customers as they see increased convenience to order over chat. This shows that merchants can benefit  without breaking a sweat:

Saving time: 12.8 minutes the average time saved by ordering online instead of waiting in-line.

Out of a lunch break of 30 min that is over 25% of their break.

Orders are printed directly into kitchen meaning you have more time to take care of your delicious food.

30% increase in repeat orders due to mobile ordering.

33% higher engagement with customers on Facebook after joining JoyUp.  

20% new customers thru facebook ad optimization that reaches people nearby and is handled “auto-magically” through Joy’s software.

JoyUp works hard everyday, creating new avenues for growth in small business through marketing, customer analysis, and artificial intelligence. This all comes together to bring the Revel system to life as a bot named Joy. By creating an easy to use platform that can communicate with both the merchant and the customer at the same time, Joy helps fill in the gaps that occur as a business moves from completely brick-and-mortar to a hybrid that is both online and offline. Instead of trying to replace systems merchants are already use to, Joy completely integrates with what they already have becoming a powerful tool instead of an annoyance. By making Joy as natural and non intrusive as possible, merchants can feel that they have a trustworthy employee who is always willing to work, and does not require the same worker’s benefits as regular employee.

Revel + JoyUp = ;)


Revel has been making is easier for merchants to take their POS systems into the present with an iPad ordering and inventory management platform that takes a lot of the guesswork out of running your business.

A quick survey at Spark Social SF concluded that more than 1 in 3 think that the primary issues small restaurants face is managing the money side of the business and having a consistent advertising presence that brings in new and returning customers.

Revel's iPad POS System takes care of the business part, with a full suite of options for merchants to pick and choose what works best for them. The team at Revel will make sure that merchants are utilizing the best of their platform, creating efficient ordering, scheduling, and business execution.


Farid Ganime, Merchant Success @ JoyUp