Restaurant Halloween Marketing Tips To Die For

Reruns of Halloween Town, pumpkin patch Instagrams, and Walgreens candy runs are a few markers of the spookiest time of year – Halloween. With Halloween spending projected to be over $8 billion this year, be sure your business is ready to make a splash this year with devilishly delicious drinks and ghoulish goodies. Here are some tricks-and-treats to market your restaurant this Halloween:

Spice Up Your Cauldron

Change up your menu to reflect the season and holiday. Ever since Pumpkin Spice Latte’s became ubiquitous with fall – Starbucks has seen tremendous growth in sales and brand exposure. What’s your PSL? Cast a spell on your customers with themed food and drinks, from Bloody Orange Cocktails to Candy Apples, make your Halloween menu memorable and entice your customers with limited-time items. Does this feel like an inventory nightmare? Make real-time menu changes, forecast your inventory needs, with a Restaurant POS Systems and display your punny dishes on Digital Menu Boards.


Spine-chilling Social Media

The cheapest form of advertising is social media, and nothing resonates more on social media than creative and timely media. Drive awareness to your promotions, limited items, or Halloween themed events with compelling imagery of your themed goods! Want to go the extra mile? Start a social media contest by encouraging followers to hashtag, share, or retweet for a free meal!

Check out City Cakes themed sweet treats!

(Source: City Cakes)

Take the approach of Holler and Dash, with a more subtle autumn ‘gram.


(Source: Holler And Dash)

Dress Up Your Restaurant

Since everyone else will be in costume, shouldn’t your restaurant join in on the fun? Whether you go for a classic look like fall leaves and a few gourds, or you’re going all out with cobwebs, pumpkins, and goblets for customers to drink from – your restaurant can attract those looking to celebrate Halloween in style. Drive customer service with employee costumes!


Double Double Toil & Trouble

Double up your business and join forces with other local businesses to drive more sales, and see new customers! Create an exclusive offer for both your stores and advertise it in-store, online, and on local community boards. By doing this you can increase revenue, and introduce new customers to your store. For example, your restaurant can link up with a costume shop, and offer an exclusive discount to customers of both stores. Family friendly restaurants can seek out Autumn fairs and pumpkin patches for a pop-up restaurant, while bars and lounges can cater the late-night Halloween parties.


Host A Killer Event

Want to boost your customer retention? Show them you know how to throw a thrilling party. From a family friendly pumpkin carving contest to DJing a monster mash – people of all ages can indulge in a night of fun. Leverage your local partnerships to drive awareness of your event to the local community, and don’t forget to keep people in the know on social media. Want to create hype? Offer exclusive early bird deals to heighten the impression of the party.


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