The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem: Back Of House

The kitchen, or back of house (BOH), is another area of the restaurant that utilizes technology to improve efficiencies and create innovative dishes. There are tools for properly handling ingredients. Today's technology helps track orders from placement to delivery. 

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential to keeping food costs under control. It ensures you have enough ingredients in stock so you don’t have to 86 any menu items. A POS platform that includes an inventory management functionality lets you track and monitor inventory in real-time. You can even receive automatic alerts and purchase orders, so you are always optimally stocked.

Ensure you don’t miss a beat with your inventory tracking with Revel’s inventory management. This tool has an intermediate inventory feature that allows you to prepare ingredients, modifiers, and products in advance by running recipes for each, ahead of time. From large supply vendors to last minute recipe adjustments, always get a detailed picture of your inventory numbers.  

Molecular Gastronomy

Part art, part science, molecular gastronomy is the trending technology of the culinary world. This trend fuses the principles of chemistry and cooking. Catalan Chef Ferran Adria pioneered this culinary movement with techniques such as foams and spherification. Other techniques include gels, the use of liquid nitrogen to rapidly freeze food, and sous-vide to cook food to the optimal temperature. Applications of molecular gastronomy are most commonly seen in fine dining. However, many ice cream shops have taken to using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream to order.

Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system (KDS) is another technology that increases efficiency when expediting. A KDS tracks prep time for menu items, and helps organize kitchen flows. It sends digital tickets to the various kitchen stations and the bump capabilities feature prioritizes orders to optimize the queue. This way, line cooks can quickly understand how much to make of what and when. Your KDS increases speed of service and helps reduce waste from errors in firing times.

Back of House Operations are Key to a Successful Restaurant

Back of house operations are half of the recipe for a successful restaurant operation. Choosing all-in-one iPad POS System that meets your business needs is essential to have your back of house running like clockwork.