3 Ways A Prix Fixe Menu Will Drive More Sales This Valentine’s Day

On February 14th restaurants will be flooded with hungry appetites, wine-induced PDA, and if you’re in luck the occasional cheesy proposal. This Valentine’s Day, ensure seamless operations, lots of diners, and big profits with a prix fixe menu.

A prix fixe menu is defined as a menu that offers multiple courses of pre-selected dishes at one fixed price. So how will scrapping your daily menu and featuring a prix fixe menu increase your sales?

Attract Customers

Customers want to feel like they are getting the most value for what they are paying for, no matter the price point. Prix fixe menus cater to that need by being promotional in nature. Paying for a multi-course package is cheaper for the customer than if they order the same dishes on a non price fixed menu. So is a good deal for the customer beneficial to the restaurant? Yes. Prix fixe menus attract customers for its cost and lock customers into a package deal often totaling more than an average order.

Valentine’s Day evokes a spirit of indulgence. Diners don’t just want dinner, they want a fine-dining experience (and are willing to pay for it).

prix fixe menu

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Turn Tables Faster

A limited menu means that the back of house can operate quicker, prepare more, and ultimately serve food faster. In knowing your full order upfront, the restaurant can prep all the courses ahead of time, improving the customer experience and turning tables faster.

With a Restaurant POS Systems, you can enable your servers to take orders from anywhere on the floor, syncing the dining floor and kitchen. Want to know when the Valentines or “Galentines” diners are finishing their meal or need extra attention? On your POS, organize tables by server section and monitor the status of each table with color coded imagery and table timers to see if they’ve paid, or if they’ve been sitting too long without attention.

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Accurate Inventory Counts

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular dining holiday of the year, and with increased volume the back of house can become chaotic. Mitigate the noise, by simplifying your inventory. Fewer choices equals fewer varied purchase orders, resulting in reduced inventory shrinkage.

Whether you restaurant will have a prix fixe menu on Mother’s Day or not until next year’s Valentine’s Day, be prepared with an intuitive inventory management system. You can then, aptly predict stock requirement based on historical data as well as track and reveal inventory trends.

The way to your customer’s heart? Through the stomach. Design a culinary experience, through the menu and build a greater ROI this Valentine’s Day.