5 Ways Your POS Can Help You Score Big On Game Day

The last time our country came together on a Sunday was to revel at the Game of Thrones finale. And this Sunday the country will come together, impassioned and divided, to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots.

For the big game, over 100 million viewers will be fueled by chicken wings and beer and outfitted with spirit fingers and face paint.  And for sellers, this can be a profit paradise. Check out five ways your POS can help you make the most out of the big game:

Pre-Game Ready Inventory

The big game is notoriously a day of consumption for Americans. Time reported that the average person spends nearly $100 on food, decor, and merchandise, making this day the second largest eating holiday (behind Thanksgiving)! Prepare for the pre-game by setting up your inventory for success.

With a iPad POS System, you can manage your ingredient purchases and account for ingredient-level inventory. Stay informed with low-stock alert thresholds. With this enabled, your POS will automatically alert you once your inventory has passed the designated level and generate purchase orders. Prep for the next game or busy Saturday night with Intelligent Reporting by calculating the waste loss variance and diminishing shrinkage.

Cooking With Fire

Make sure your back of house is game day ready. With increased volume, there is no time to waste. If you’re still processing orders on handwritten tickets placed in a row for the kitchen staff, that slow process leaves a large margin for human error. By installing a Kitchen Display System (KDS), you can sync the front of house with the kitchen through the POS. A KDS eliminates antiquated paper tickets and gives your expediter the most efficient tool for calling out orders.

Let Customers Order From The Couch

If your bar stools are full and the floor is packed, how do you serve more fans without causing a fire hazard? Online Ordering. Fans want to make purchases from the comfort of their couch. In fact, Clickz found that 30% of game day viewers will order food online.

Make omni-channel ordering seamless by integrating it directly with your website and POS. For first time customers this helps remove all of the barriers that might inhibit them from trying your products for the first time.

Super Social Media

Your budget may not support a $5 million, 30-second ad but there’s another, much cheaper way to reach a lot of people. Influence Central reported that 78% of consumers engage in social media while watching the game. In knowing that your customers are online, be sure to engage with them through thoughtful, timely, and relevant posts.

For smaller brands, using visuals, promotions, and geo targeted influencers can turn social media perusers into game time buyers. With Revel’s iPad POS you can easily communicate with your customers through Twitter and Facebook, see what your customers are saying about you on Yelp, and let others discover you through Foursquare.

Manage Your Business Mobile

Revel Insights let’s your business achieve a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your business, in real time. If you have to step away from your business, you can maintain peace of mind by accessing high-level or granular reporting on sales, product performance, labor, from anywhere. Much like the players on the field, running a successful business is all about making informed and in-the-moment decisions.

Win big with Revel Systems iPad POS System, no matter the outcome of the game.