From coast to coast, Restaurant Week is designed for patrons to indulge in elaborate dishes that they may not normally have the opportunity to enjoy, thanks to special deals and pre-fixed menus. The flood of new customers to your restaurant allows you to showcase a refreshed, innovative three-course menu, increase sales volume, and turn these new customers into “regulars.”

381 restaurants in NYC, 130 restaurants in San Francisco will participate, amassing a ton of hungry patrons. While the promise of full tables is exciting, are you prepared to handle the rush? With a robust POS platform restaurateurs can avoid floundering in the chaos and instead, garner a laudable return from Restaurant Week.

Check out our six tools to help your restaurant survive and thrive during restaurant week:

Custom Menu Building

Restaurant week means pre-fixed menus. Your iPad POS System can help you set this up efficiently using combos and modifiers. With the added complexity, maintaining consistency across your entire menu architecture can feel intimidating. Simplify this process with an omni-channel solution that keeps your updated menu synced across mobile ordering interfaces, self-serve kiosks, and traditional register ordering.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

With increased volume, there is no time to waste in a fast-paced restaurant environment. As important as it is for your customers to order off of a clear and beautiful menu, don’t short your culinary staff with illegible ticketing. By installing a KDS, you can sync the front of house with the kitchen and give your expediter the most efficient tool for calling out orders.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is essential to run a lean restaurant operation - especially when you are experiencing high volume. This can reduce waste and help you understand what ingredients you may need to purchase more of. This way, you can run tight margins and avoid having to 86 any of your most popular dishes.

Mobile Order Takers

Let customers skip the line - with in-store mobile orders, businesses can stay agile by processing transactions anywhere on the floor, generating more sales, and happier, more engaged customers. Mobile Device Management software allows you to see the status of all mobile devices, their battery life and connectivity to ensure optimum performance throughout your business.

Table Layout & Timers

During busy restaurant week services, tracking table turns is key to seating guests efficiently and managing wait times. Make the increased foot traffic easy on your service staff by digitally re-creating your table layout, highlighting tables with multiple orders and color-coding the status of each order. With a POS platform you can accommodate large groups and split bills easily and efficiently with dynamic digital seat numbering.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For a greater ROI, turn the influx of new customers into “regulars” with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Everything from recording guest information and preferences to using a loyalty program or gift cards help to build relationships with your guests. This in turn, influences them to dine with you again.

San Francisco Restaurant Week is January 18th -29th and New York City Restaurant Week is January 23rd - February 10th - be prepared to handle the rush with Revel Systems iPad POS System!