Top Blog Posts For Your Business

With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s important to look back and reflect on the previous year. For us here at Revel, 2016 was busy. We introduced Insights by Revel and Revel Guard, announced a partnership with Shell, and an integration with Expensify, all while finishing the year with a 158% year over year growth.

Take a deep breath folks. Before we go full steam ahead into 2017, we’ve gathered the top blog posts of 2016 for your business:

Quick Service: Are you all about efficiency? Churning out orders, processing transactions, and moving high volume inventory timely and safely. Then take a look at these blogs for you, which break down best practices to maximize productivity.

Top 4 Hardware Additions for Your Quick Service Restaurant

3 Ways to Maximize Your Cafe’s Self Serve Kiosk

How the Drive-Thru Drives Profits


Restaurant: With all the necessary tools to run your restaurant smoothly and efficiently, you can turn tables faster and increase profit. From table side ordering, ingredient inventory, and intelligent reporting Revel shows you how you can grow your restaurant.

Revel POS 101: Our New Kitchen Display System Helps You Handle the Heat

5 Hot Technology Must-Haves for Your Restaurant Business

Top 3 Things to Look for in a Restaurant POS


Retail: Having an omni-channel approach will connect the in-store with online. Check out our blogs illustrating how you can deliver faster service and increased customer satisfaction, taking your business to the next level.

Retail Revelations: Disrupting Digital Dominance

Brick-And-Mortars New Role In A Digital World

How Hybrid Retail Shops Are Increasing Revenue


Enterprise: Running a multi-location business for both the enterprise IT side of the business and the franchisee is a multi-faceted challenge. Take a look at how Revel allows every location to process high volumes of sales without system slowdown, all while keeping customer data secure, and maintaining PCI compliance.

Revel POS 101: Enterprise Management System Helps Manage Your Product(ivity)

Franchisee Guide to the Holidays

Revel POS 101: Establishment Hierarchy Tree


Cheers to another year working hard to make business owner's lives easier and more efficient.

Happy New Year!