Revel POS 101: End-of-Day Process Makes Closing Shop Easy

After a long and hectic day, any business owner can tell you that closing the store is an exhausting task. The day’s transactions need to be closed and batched, employees need to be clocked out, and the establishment needs to cleaned, organized, and refreshed before locking up. The list of closing “to do’s” can seem daunting without any assistance.

To support a seamless closing procedure, Revel has created an End-of-Day process which lends an extra hand when the day is winding down.

The End-of-Day feature provides users with options to customize how the POS finalizes the day’s transactions, time cards, and reports. On the Management Console, you’re able to configure what steps are included in the process based on the needs of your business. The feature even allows you to set a time to initiate the End-of-Day process, so you have peace of mind knowing the system can begin closing for you. In addition to reconciling orders and printing reports, you’re able to create tailored steps specific to your establishment. This allows you to provide the closing team with tasks like organizing the front of house or taking out the trash.


Once the End-of-Day steps have been configured, the POS can automatically begin to complete tasks or guide the user through the process. Should the system encounter any open order or time cards, it will halt operation and prompt the user to review the issue before it can continue. This provides additional security so that the process is completed properly. After the variance has been confirmed, the step can be checkmarked to continue the closing procedure. When the process is complete, you can print out your configured reports and close out your POS so it’s ready to go the next day.

With Revel’s End-of-Day feature, you’re able to ensure an easy closing and prepare the store for a successful tomorrow.

To learn more about how the End-of-Day process, check out our support article here.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer.