Revel POS 101: Networking Peace of Mind with RevelGuard

In today's business environment, a strong network is the backbone to creating a thriving establishment. And while networking is vital in keeping a business operational, it may not be in the budget of a store operator to hire a dedicated IT specialist to maintain the network’s framework. With RevelGuard, our support team can easily diagnosis issues with system health and networked peripherals.

RevelGuard is an active monitoring tool developed by Revel. Its sleek, low-profile design allows the device to sit unobtrusively in your establishment and connect easily to your POS system. The small device quietly oversees the status of a user’s network and any connected hardware, gathering local data from the network and reporting it to the RevelGuard management console. Not to worry, while the device is installed on your POS it cannot access customer information keeping your business secure.


The information collected by RevelGuard can be remotely accessed by our Support team to assist in repairing any issues that might arise on a user’s network or devices. When a user contacts Support regarding a specific network or device malfunction, the RevelGuard interface can provide the support agent with a snapshot of the system’s current state. Whether a POS station goes offline, a printer runs out of paper, or an entire location’s network goes down, RevelGuard provides constant insight into your system’s health.

As an additional layer of support, RevelGuard also gives Revel Support staff the ability to remotely and securely access the POS network. You’ll no longer have to wait for an onsite technician or the results of several troubleshooting tests. Within minutes our Support team can diagnose connection issues and remotely resolve them through the RevelGuard portal.

As with all Revel product offerings, RevelGuard is consistently updated with new features and functionality. As your company grows, so does the software that fuels your business. RevelGuard keeps your POS, printers, and displays configured properly so they run smoothly from the moment you open until the last customer leaves.

To learn more about RevelGuard, check out the press release.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer