Taking a Bite Out of a $38 Billion Industry

We’ve all heard the jokes about the “shut in” generation. But the fact of the matter is that more and more, for a variety of reasons, millennials are just staying home. While the knee-jerk reaction might be to see this as bad news for restaurant owners, it actually creates incredible opportunity for elevated, flexible service delivery. According to Business Insider, while mobile ordering is still a relatively new category, it’s expected to become a $38 billion industry by 2020.

Leveraging mobile ordering comes with numerous benefits, including increased customer loyalty and frequency, and convenient upselling, but some business owners are wary of onerous systems and terms that could negate their success. Luckily Software Advice put together a list of essentials to consider when migrating to a mobile POS system and identified lightweight, heavy hitting alternatives to the inflated, complex systems.

Your customers are already looking for you online, but...

Research shows that 95 percent of independent restaurants don’t have a mobile website and 40 percent have menus that can’t be read online. In fact, 50 percent don’t even have a basic website. In an age dominated by technology, those statistics are almost unbelievable. How many more times do you think that customers will search to find your business online if they were unable to find you once? Probably not many. Establishing your business with an online presence that gives your customers access to the level of service they desire will set you apart from the competition early, which will be key to owning a piece of that $38 billion industry down the road.

Keep your customer loyalty high

Your customers are busy and they’re distracted. In a modern world, it’s becoming harder and harder to catch their attention and keep it. Deploying a system that not only accepts online orders, but also caters to customers who want to pick up their order at a certain time, enables you to provide top-notch service to customers who might have been craving their favorite dish from your joint, but just don’t have the patience to wait in line after a long day. If you’re known for your convenience and service, your customer retention is likely to grow.

Less order taking, more order making

Labor dollars are a huge part of the success equation for any sized business, and the smaller the business the more tasks each person has to manage. How many times have you walked into a small restaurant to see the person behind the counter juggling phones and customers, potentially impacting their ability to deliver great service? A smart online ordering system maximizes your labor dollars by sending orders directly to the kitchen, exactly as the customer specified. No more missed modifiers or misunderstandings. For you, your employees, and your customers, it’s a win-win-win.

Revel Can Show You the Way to Online Ordering

Revel’s Online Ordering function, found in our iPad POS system, does everything listed above and plenty more, assuring your customers the best online ordering experience possible. With so many restaurants missing out on the incredible potential of having an online identity, imagine how much further online ordering can put you ahead of your competition.