Tech Company Brings SF to Dallas

Nothing seems to stop Revel’s expansion these days! We have now opened an office in Dallas, Texas! Austin is often regarded as the Texas tech center, and in the past few years, Dallas’ startup scene has been flourishing as well. With the city’s booming restaurant and quick service business, the demand for an iPad Point of Sale solution in the area makes Dallas an ideal location for Revel to expand.

“Dallas is a quickly growing market for us – we’ve already seen demand in the area grow more than ten percent over the past year,” said Revel CRO, Bobby Marhamat. “We’re excited to help local entrepreneurs in Texas start and grow their businesses.”

Revel’s Director of Talent, Drew Ostrem, is particularly excited about the new office in Uptown Dallas, which is a vibrant location, with lots of hip restaurants. Drew said, “The people in our building are really excited about Revel and being around the startup vibe.”

And of course we can’t forget all of the great people who are joining the Dallas team. The new office has 60 new hires already and we plan to grow by at least 200% in Texas within the next six months. The Dallas office houses a support team, fulfilling the need for a stateside, centralized support hub, as well as a local sales team.

Revel Dallas Team

“This is the year of the customer experience for Revel,” explained Bobby, “and expanding sales and support in Dallas demonstrates our level of commitment to our customers.” And Dallas being an epicenter for innovation, makes this expansion an exciting opportunity for Revel to strengthen its North American presence.

We caught up with Revel customer Jordy Jordan, owner of the beloved Big D Barbecue, who told us he’s been doing barbecue “for years, and about 3 years ago I had an opportunity, and it’s turned into something I couldn’t imagine.” Jordy said he’s “ecstatic about the direction Revel is going in” and that he feels opening an office in Dallas with sales and the eventual support “will be awesome.” Jordy added, “I usually don’t get excited about many products, but Revel is definitely the best way to go.”

The Revel iPad Point of Sale system has the unique ability to help businesses of any size to efficiently manage their business from a single, user-friendly platform. Our goal is to help business owners realize their dream so that they have more time to focus on doing what they love.

In today’s marketplaces, that means keeping pace with rapidly developing technology. Revel offers an affordable, highly-customizable POS solution so that entrepreneurs are able to meet their customer's expectations. We’re beyond excited about the opportunity to share Revel, not only with Texas, but to offer the best possible service for our customers around the globe.