Revel POS 101: Preauthorizations

Revel Blog | Revel | February 26, 2016 |

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Preauthorizations Made Easy

When you go to a bar or gastropub, what is generally the first thing the bartender, waiter or waitress will ask you after you have placed your first order? They usually say, "Did you want to start a tab?" Having the ability to set up a tab is very convenient for your staff and the customer, and simultaneously gives the customer incentive to stay longer and spend more during their visit. However, without a preauthorization, there is the risk that the customer's card could be invalid or unable to cover the amount that they have accumulated or spent. With your Revel iPad POS, did you know that you can link a customer's credit card to a bar tab, while also preauthorizing for that added sense of security? Well you can, and the process is simple.

 Note: Only USAePay, Intuit(1526+) and Mercury work with preauthorization or linking. This is also only available for Table Service & Quick Service clients. Quick Service only allows linking cards to orders; it does not support preauthorizations. If Quick Service, please contact Support to help setup.

For this Tech Tip, we are going to talk about Preauthorizations. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a preauthorization is an amount placed on hold on a credit or debit card until the merchant finalizes the amount needed to complete and closeout the transaction. As a Table Service establishment, preauthorizations allow the bartender, waiter or waitress to ensure the customer's credit or debit card is valid or has sufficient funds to create and maintain a tab before one is created for the customer.

 If you have not set up preauthorizations and you have the qualifying software/service, follow this link to a guide on how to set up preauthorizations in the Management Console.

Once it has been set up, preauthorizing cards on the Revel iPad POS is quite simple. On the bar tab, after the card has been linked to the order/table, the preauthorizations should be automatic. On the order screen, it will indicate whether or not the card that was linked was preauthorized with a red Pre-Authorized indicator towards the top of the screen (as shown above). If the balance due for the customer is lower than the amount the card or debit card was preauthorized for originally, it will also display "PreAuth" under balance due. When the customer is ready to closeout, you simply select "Pay" and the system will automatically subtract what's due from the PreAuth amount.


You can find a step-by-step guide on how to link credit or debit cards to bar tabs or tables, and also how to complete a preauthorization right here on our support page.

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