Delivery Management: Catering to an Impatient Society

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know there are plenty of food choices available. And, with a customer base that is hard-wired to expect fast and flawless service, you’ve got your work cut out for you. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, people under the age of 35 lead hyper connected lives which produces a very dangerous side effect. “Negative effects include a need for instant gratification and loss of patience.” This sounds very much like a warning label on the side of a bottle of medication. The population is hungry for convenience and top notch service, and they are willing to pay for delivery more than ever. A November 2014 survey posted on states 48 percent of respondents said they were likely to order takeout from a full service restaurant, while a solid 56 percent said they’d prefer delivery from that same full service restaurant to a home or office. You simply can’t afford to ignore this level of potential market share.

Delivery Services Offer Unique Challenges

Sending out a driver with a tinfoil covered plate used to be the norm in home delivery; but today’s consumers demand far more. They expect a wide range of choices, seemingly impossible delivery times (while the food is still hot), and a streamlined payment process. All you’ve got to do as a restaurant owner or manager is multiply those components by the number of deliveries you have, then factor in the miles within your delivery area and assign a driver. Easy, right? Keeping on top of deliveries while trying to manage everything else in your restaurant can be a daunting task, and one with no room for error. Revel’s Delivery Management can help.

Customer Identification Starts the Process

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any restaurant, and Revel’s Delivery Management System can instantly identify a customer by phone number and match it with existing profile information in your Point of Sale System. This key feature begins the preparation and delivery process, and is critical to the overall performance of your delivery operation. New customers can set a profile up immediately with their first call, so your database is always up to date. A customer’s preferences, order history, special discounts for VIP clients, food allergies, personalized call names, and more are stored in the CRM to equip you to deliver the white glove service that customers crave.

From Point “A” to Point “B”

The clock starts the minute your customer places their order by phone or online. Revel’s Delivery Management works flawlessly with your Point of Sale to get the order started, find the best delivery route possible using virtual maps, and assign a driver. Your drivers can check their assignments independently (or have them assigned by a manager), then track their work-flow throughout the course of their shifts. Everything from mileage, time of delivery, and payment and tip are calculated automatically and instantly assessable.

Deliveries can Make or Break your Business

We all know that consumers in an instant gratification world aren’t big on second chances. Remember, when the driver arrives with your delivery at your customer’s home or office, they are the only representative of you and your business they will see. Don’t leave this significant interaction to chance. Revel’s Delivery Management can provide the platform you need to offer the best possible delivery options available. Are you a current customer who is looking for specific information on how to dial in your delivery process? Check out our Knowledge Base articles on Delivery Management that can teach you how to exactly use the software to its fullest potential. For additional clarification, please feel free to give one of our support agents a call; they are available 24/7 at (415) 744-1433. We are happy to help. Revelup!