U.S. Open: Top Three iPad POS Features for a Stadium

From August 31 to September 13 tennis players from across the world compete in the U.S. Open. With over 700,000 people in attendance each year it is the most attended annual sporting event in the world. With an event this big it is important that everything runs smoothly so that nothing distracts from watching the matches. The U.S. Open, like any other event, needs a Point of Sale that runs efficiently and effectively to benefit each business and concession stand throughout the entirety of the event. Here are the top three iPad POS features necessary to run an event like the U.S. Open.

Inventory Management
With so many people at one event it becomes hard to know exactly how much of each product you need. Sometimes you may overstock or understock items which negatively influences your sales. Inventory management allows you to keep track of your inventory levels in real-time so you know exactly what to restock and when.

Mobile Ordering
Want to make things convenient for your customers? Mobile Ordering allows customers to submit orders through their phone so the order is ready when they get to the stand. This means more time watching the tennis matches and less time waiting in line!

Always On Mode
The last thing you want is something slowing your business down while you have thousands of potential customers walking around the event. Whether there is an internet slow down or power outage you will still be able to continue processing payments. After connectivity returns all of the data will re-sync with the cloud. This allows for a seamless way to run your business without allowing for any unforeseen events to slow you down.

Each of these features makes it easier and more efficient to cater to the 700,000 people that will be at the U.S. Open. Revel Systems’ Stadium POS has all of these features and more available to successfully run an event. With all of these features you have all of the tools necessary to optimize your concession or retail stand and make the most sales possible. Make sure you’re ready to hit the ball down the line with your POS at the U.S. Open!