How an iPad POS Can Improve Work/Life Balance

The old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” wasn’t made up by a guy named Jack. It was probably coined by Jack’s friends and family who were worried about how hard he worked, and just how little time he had for anything else. There’s also another old saying with a more realistic tone; “No one getting ready to retire ever said they wished they spent more time at work.” Our jobs don’t have to represent a choice between family and friends or a day at the office. A good work-life balance is possible if we utilize a few of the technological tools available to us.

Where the Time Really Goes
According to a recent article on, sales and marketing are the most time consuming areas of focus for small business owners. The story points out an interesting fact that shows just how important owners view marketing; regardless of the size of the business (1 to up to 50 employees), entrepreneurs or owners still took on a large part of the marketing responsibilities. And as a natural extension, involvement in sales and lead generation also took up a great deal of their time. It comes as no surprise that small business owners work hard and are involved across all channels of their enterprise.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Consolidation and delegation are sometimes difficult concepts for business owners to embrace. It’s not because they don’t trust their staffs, it’s just that when your name is on the door you’re highly invested in positive business outcomes. Most business owners don’t just stop at marketing and sales; they’ve got their fingers on the pulse of all aspects of the business. And sadly, that’s why they’re never home or miss important family events like music recitals and Little League games. Revel systems has a few suggestions to help get you out of the office a little more often.

Revel has Solutions for a Better Work/Life Balance
A Revel iPad POS system can consolidate and streamline business operations in real time with essential features like Always on Mode that keeps you running during internet slowdowns or power outages. Other key features like Customer Relationship Management stores your customer’s preferences so you know now to market to their specific needs based on past interaction. Our Inventory Management solution gives you real-time updates on stock levels while Intelligent Reporting helps out with those marketing and sales challenges. You can even get a handle on staffing with our employee login and scheduling functions. And, the best part is you can access that data from anywhere!

Revel Systems can provide you the tools you need to get a handle on your time, creating a little breathing room in your busy days.