Top 5 Must-Haves for Wineries

Summer is here and you know what that means! Beautiful, warm weather with everyone spending as much time as they can outside. With the start of summer comes the start of hiking, swimming, excessive ice cream eating, and for those who are looking to explore something new, wine tastings. With nice weather and breathtaking views, the most perfect way to spend a summer day is touring around the wine country closest to you.

As a winery owner, you want to make the wine tasting experience the most enjoyable for your customers. With these five easy steps your business can run more smoothly and make customers happy.

1. Ease of Registration
One of the most important parts of every business starts even before the customer arrives. How easy is it to register for the wine tastings or wine tours? The easier this is, the more satisfied the customer will be even before they set foot in the winery. Appointment scheduling through your Point of Sale (POS) system makes this process incredibly easy to manage. With the right POS, you can offer your customers the convenience of booking appointments online or have employees input appointments directly in the system.

2. Quick check-in
Going hand in hand with the easy registration comes the quick check-in. With a registration process so organized, checking in customers will be faster than before so they can move onto the tasting. Customers will appreciate that you want them more focused on the wine and less focused on a long check-in process.

3. Customer knowledge base
Customers love feeling special and want to be pampered with the VIP treatment. One way to cater to each customer is to know their preferences. Through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, you can easily track their purchasing history and come up with suggested offerings. Also, through real-time reporting you can access valuable data on top selling items and understand what products are of highest interest for clientele.

4. Wine inventory tracking
Without the right system in place, it can be difficult tracking when a certain wine is out of stock. With inventory management in your POS you can always make sure that you are fully stocked, reordering at the right levels at the right time. You can immediately gain insight on whether you should increase or decrease production for the following year, and even track the exact amount of alcohol poured from wine tastings.

5. Fast shipping
Customers often build loyalty to certain wineries and want to have multiple bottles shipped home. This can be such a pain with the winery-specific shipping requirements. ShipCompliant, a compliance management software, works with certain POS systems by saving shipping information in the POS system for an easy and painless shipping process. With a touch of a finger on the iPad, shipping wine can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

The winery experience has specific needs to be a success and winery owners can meet every need with a full suite of POS features. Revel’s Winery POS provides everything necessary to ease management and increase sales for your business.