Redefining POS: 3 Case Studies

Whether your business is national or regional, retail or restaurant, choosing a Point of Sale is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. The Revel Systems iPad POS can help streamline operations, increase profits, and accommodate growth. But don’t take our word for it. In 3 Case Studies that Redefine Point of Sale, three very different businesses, Bahama Buck’s, Goodwill, and the Melt Shop, reveal how switching to Revel works.

Bahama Buck’s
Dubbed the “Original Shaved Ice Company,” Bahama Buck’s offers shaved ice, smoothies, lemonade, and tropical “Bahama sodas” mixed with flavor and cream. Found throughout the U.S., the rapidly growing franchise currently runs Revel Systems in 15 locations. Open 3 Case Studies that Redefine Point of Sale to find why every new Bahama Buck’s location going forward will switch over to the Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale. Top benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations. “Every time we add a new location with Revel, it gets easier and easier,” states Director of Operations Laura Ewing.
  • Faster service. Bahama Buck’s is shedding its reputation for slow wait times. With Revel’s Kitchen Display System, gone is the reliance on a paper receipt system that led to dropped orders, incorrect orders, and slower productivity.
  • Quick overview. Bahama Buck’s franchise owners love finding enterprise-level reporting on one system, rather than having to look up information in several systems.

This international organization is renowned for helping those in need of work find jobs. With 23 stores and 18 donation centers, Goodwill selected Revel iPad POS in July 2012 for all of their North Florida locations. 3 Case Studies that Redefine Point of Sale details the results of the transition, including:

  • No-fail connectivity. With Revel’s Always On Mode, Goodwill never loses functionality in the “lightning capital of the world.” It’s already saved the organization “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in lost revenue.
  • Minimal training. Goodwill reports that ease of use not only reduces training time, but helps improve efficiency and speed during check-out.

Melt Shop
An American comfort food purveyor inspired by the decadent grilled cheese sandwich, the Manhattan-based Melt Shop has carved out a niche in NYC’s competitive fast-casual space. How has transitioning to the Revel iPad POS in all current and future Melt Shop locations impacted business? How about:

  • Coinciding values. With Revel, the Melt Shop is more than just a number. Owners Josh Morgan and Spencer Rubin feel they’ve forged a mutually beneficial partnership with a company that’s committed to helping them succeed.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Clunky old servers require heavy management and bring the whole POS down when they go down. The Melt Shop prefers a wiser alternative with the cloud-based Revel iPad POS.

Find out more about how Bahama Buck’s, Goodwill, and the Melt Shop have forged ahead by downloading 3 Case Studies that Redefine Point of Sale here.