March Madness Final Four iPad POS Feature Edition

The college basketball season is coming to a close and we’re down to the Final Four! To celebrate the end of the season, we’ve developed our very own POS Feature Edition Final Four. Check out our bracket below and pick your favorite Revel Systems feature to win it all.

Final Four Feature Bracket

On the left side of the bracket we have Always On Mode up against Loyalty Programs. Always On Mode has been at the forefront of our design since the inception of Revel Systems. Hybrid architecture allows payments to be accepted on the POS in times of limited or no Internet connectivity. While Always On Mode will keep your system running, Loyalty Programs will keep customers coming back. Revel’s Loyalty Program works to give customers rewards for purchases made, and are entirely customizable for any business.

The right side of the bracket matches Intelligent Reporting against Inventory Management. Both features are crucial for making sure a business is running at top notch efficiency. Intelligent reporting gathers data from sales, orders, and employees, and inputs the data into clean reports business owners can check from anywhere. Inventory Management allows users to track inventory in real-time, lower costs, and calculate waste lost all from one centralized location.

Let’s see how the matchups play out:

Final Four Feature Bracket 2

Always On Mode and Intelligent Reporting advance to the finals in a tight matchup for Revel’s top feature. There are a plethora of reports generated from our intelligent reporting feature including: sales summary, hourly sales, product mix, order history, payment summary, voids and discounts, established payments, house accounts, gift and reward card, customer orders, labor costs, payouts, taxes, catering and delivery, and delivery driver reports. How do these reports match up against being able to accept payments with power outages and spotty WiFi connections? Let’s see…

Final Four Feature Bracket 3

And the winner is... Always On Mode

There’s no denying it, Always On Mode is the ultimate feature in this year’s Final Four Feature Edition. The cost of being offline is too much to ignore for businesses these days. For a better look at how the cost of being offline can affect your business, please download our Always On Mode Infographic.