Top 5 Retail Innovations for 2015

Revel Blog | Revel | January 15, 2015 |

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Mobile technology is shaking up the retail space in a big way. While 2014 introduced exciting mobile payment solutions, 2015 will see more widespread implementation. In order for your business to evolve, it’s paramount to anticipate customers’ changing demands and expectations. Here are the top 5 retail innovations for the coming year:

Smartwatch: With wearables on the rise, 2015 is poised to be the year of the smartwatch. Apple Watch is a frontrunner in category, but LG, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC have models of their own. As US retailers increasingly implement NFC-enabled point of sale devices, upgraded smartwatches with sleeker designs and longer battery life will establish themselves as credible payment instruments.

Mobile Wallet: Smartphones are already used for multiple purposes, from social media to gaming. In 2015, most smartphones will also become quick and secure mobile wallets. This won’t be limited to Apple Pay, Google Wallet or PayPal. 2015 will also see the adoption of CurrentC, a mobile payment application built by merchants and rolling out to 110,000 locations.

Payment on the Shop Floor: The days of manning long lines are numbered. Innovative retailers like the Apple Store have already adopted mobile POS payments, so associates who work with customers on the shop floor can also close out the sale. Staffers armed with their own iPads can also find sizes, check availability, and order online exclusives. This all leads to greater customer satisfaction as well as higher customer tracking rates.

Tailored Notifications: Bluetooth Low Energy enables Bluetooth devices to communicate with smartphones, and large retailers like Macy’s are already using this to their advantage. Following a recent beacon installation throughout its stores, Macy’s can now send personalized messages on discounts, deals, and rewards directly to customers. Expect such personalized marketing to expand in the coming year.

Interactive Brick-and-Mortar: With so many changes happening in the mobile sphere, the brick-and-mortar experience is changing, too, integrating technology on the shopping floor. Last year, Staples introduced their “omnichannel stores,” merging self-serve, kiosk shopping into their retail locations. This year, you’ll find interactive tablets engaging customers, offering more information while encouraging social sharing.

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