Retail Enhancement Suite

Revel Blog | Revel | November 5, 2014 |

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In case you missed it, Revel recently announced its comprehensive Retail Enhancement Suite for business owners. This enhances Revel’s current Retail POS System by allowing business owners more ways to customize their iPad POS, allowing for ultimate business efficiency and productivity.

The Revel Systems Retail Enhancement Suite offers:

  • Serial number tracking, gives stores an easier way to keep track of inventory and prevent retail fraud. One of the main purposes of the new serialisation feature is to prevent theft on cross-merchant, no-receipt returns - by assigning a unique serial number to each number, items can be scanned in-store to ascertain whether or not they came from that store or a different one (and thereby determining whether a fraudulent return attempt is being made). This enhances the security of the Revel POS while making the shopping experience a smooth one for customers.
  • Receiptless returns, which will allow consumers to return an item without a receipt without subjecting business owners to the above-mentioned security concerns. Customers who wish to go paperless can now do so with a simple touch of a button.
  • Commissions, which will expand the intuitive sales features of the system. Managers can easily select employees to allocate commissions and even split the commission between multiple employees. This gives employees an easy way to keep track of their commissions and ensure they too are turning a profit when they make a sale.
  • Invoicing. Print invoices directly from Revel’s POS system with the simple touch of a button. Invoices can be printed using the Apple AirPrint feature to any printer manufacturer that supports AirPrint, such as Epson, Brother or HP.

Other features for retail - such as color-coded icons, barcode assistance and printing barcodes directly from the iPad - make the Revel POS a versatile tool for retail shops of all sizes and types. Butterfly labels - especially beneficial for jewelry stores - can be printed via the Revel POS using the Zebra 2824 Printer.

We at Revel pride ourselves on offering a full-featured, entirely customizable point of sale platform. No two businesses - retail or otherwise - are exactly alike. That’s why we provide you with a valuable set of tools and features you can pick and choose that best suit your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns, and as always, revelup!