When the Power Goes Out: A Scary Coffee Shop Story

Revel Blog | Revel | October 31, 2014 |

iPad POS

Everything’s fine.

It’s like any other day at the coffee shop. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee wakes you as you step into the office - your office. It’s the coffee shop you’ve always wanted, the one you worked so hard to build. Smiles from your recent hires make you feel as warm as the cup of joe you’re about to drink. Someone hands you a newspaper and you sit comfortably in an oversized armchair - the daily routine.

Scary Coffee Cup

Everything’s good.

There comes a point when you’re skimming through the local news section of your paper, and feel a slight chill creep up your leg. You notice a slight breeze come through the door as customers come and go. Autumn is here, but you don’t remember it was supposed to be so cold today. You quickly scan to the weather section and notice the sweeping clouds next to today’s date:  wind.

Everything’s okay.

Outside there’s a tree bending with the wind. It’s the same tree you’ve walked by every day for the past 10 years, but what you don’t know is the tree is about to lose one of its limbs. A cold wind blows and there’s a snap. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Of course you don’t hear it. You’re inside enjoying your paper, sipping from your seemingly endless coffee cup. You will feel this tree however, because this tree is about to ruin your day.

Scary Tree

Everything’s not okay.

All of sudden the lights go out. That’s right, a tree branch has landed on a power line, knocking out the electricity in your shop. The power is down, which means the Internet is down, which means your ancient POS system is down. Customers coming in from the wind are looking for something to warm them up, and you can’t give it to them. Might as well hang up the “closed for business” sign and head home. All you wanted was to enjoy a coffee in your coffee shop, just like any other day. Instead, you’re frantically trying to get the power back on and run your business the way it should be run. There’s nothing you can do. Feeling helpless, you send your employees home and climb back into your chair surrounded by darkness. You just lost a day’s worth of business.

Scary Light Bulb

Everything could have been good.

What if there was a way to stay up and running during a power outage? Turns out there’s something called Always On Mode with Revel Systems iPad POS. Instead of powering down, Revel stays on, allowing you to process transactions as if nothing has changed. There are no more scary stories with Always On Mode, and you can run your coffee shop the way you always imagined. So sit back, relax in your chair, and enjoy that cup of coffee now that you’re with Revel.

Everything’s fine.