What You Need to Know About PCI Compliance

We live in an age where mobile technology is always evolving, always striving to give consumers and businesses a way to do every day activities easier or offer them in a new, exciting way. The way we buy, store and view entertainment has forever been changed as a result of mobile innovations. The way we buy groceries, go to a restaurant or the movies even just getting coffee has forever been altered to tap into the desire of consumers to use their tablets and smartphones in these establishments.

But with this added mobile culture, having a secure way to conduct business is more important than ever – just look at the string of data breaches that have occurred in the past few years.

As data theft is a continual and growing problem, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was formed to manage the evolution of the PCI security standards with the focus being to improve how payment account security through the transaction process takes place. Thus, PCI Compliance applies to any and all organizations and merchants – regardless of size and number of transactions – that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data.

The PCI Compliance is a set of 6 specific categories of requirements. Among these goals are building and maintaining a secure network, protecting card holder data, regularly monitor and testing the networks, implementing strong access control measures and maintaining an information security policy.

Needless to say, it is almost impossible for small businesses to become PCI Compliant because they must work with PCI payment partners to accomplish the six goals.

Luckily, Revel Systems has you covered.

Revel Systems, already on tap to become the most widely used iPad point of sale (POS) for a variety of businesses, has had PCI Compliance at the cornerstone of our systems since its inception. You know that Revel Systems has been and always will be PCI compliant as the co-founder and CTO Chris Ciabarra is a former PCI Compliance expert that has consulted for large brands such as Restoration Hardware and insisted on this aspect being incorporated into our POS.

Furthermore, you may already know that Revel has been at the forefront of PCI Compliance as the first iPad POS to integrate Mobile Device Management (MDM) and EMV compatibility directly into the Revel software.

But did you know that:

  1. We do not store any credit card data.
  2. The card data is encrypted at the swipe with a proprietary 256-Ace bit encryption and then goes straight to the payment server – cited by the PCI SSC as a crucial requirement of a secure POS system.
  3. The MDM on the iPads ensures that only the Revel POS is running.
  4. Our servers are a higher grade of security compared to locally-based networks due to corporate level SAS 70 certifications from Singlehop.
  5. Revel has, to date, never experienced any form of credit card fraud or hacking.