Email Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Customer relationships are an important part of every restaurant. The real question, however, is how to maintain those relationships while keeping your customers engaged. Restaurant POS Systems must have a customer database that should be able to handle this task. Personalizing your customers’ experience allows them to feel more important and encourages them to keep coming back. The customer experience goes well beyond the physical store since technology allows you to have a presence in every aspect of their lives through social media and email. Email is an extremely useful marketing forum that several restaurants use to their fullest potential. Take a look at these three restaurants who are doing a great job of keeping their customers engaged in the comfort of their own homes.

Do you wish your customers would make multiple visits to your restaurant, but don’t know how to keep them coming back? Pinkberry has a campaign in place to help with that! They send out a “we miss you” email to reach out to customers as well as give them a coupon to use when they visit again. This lets the customer feel important while also getting a nice perk.

Noodles and Company:
We all love when companies give us special perks with a membership right? Well Noodles and Company sends emails to their “loyal fans” introducing offers to them before the general public. Establishing this sense of important with their customers shows that the restaurant really does care about their regular customers.

Dunkin Donuts:
Restaurants are always coming out with new ways to do business, and what better way to tell customers about it than through email! Dunkin Donuts has used email to promote their mobile app, while also giving customers discounts encouraging them to go back. These types of emails serve as a reminder about the brand. Maybe their customers visit every day for their coffee, but this email tells them about the mobile app which will save them time and give them discounts, thus encouraging them to visit more so than usual.

Email is a great way to keep customers in the loop, but with a growing customer base how can restaurants effectively keep track of all of them? Revel’s Customer Relationship Management feature can help with this problem. Never again will you have to second guess how often a customer comes in, or how long it has been since a certain customer has been in your restaurant. CRM will help you gather detailed information about each of your customers, allowing you to make informed decisions about what types of emails to send to them, as well as encourage their continued patronage. All of this can be managed from the Revel iPad POS platform.